Amazing Experience with Sending Protective Energy to a Friend

Happy Earth Day! I have my neon superhero cape with the recycling symbol on. That’s my little way of celebrating this beautiful holiday since I’ll be too busy to go out and enjoy nature today. I plan to go to Yosemite this weekend since I only live an hour away, and they’re doing free admissions this week in honor of Earth Day. I’ll make sure to take pictures and post them for you all!

I’d like to share an experience that I had with a Channeling Erik blog member. I told her I was going to pray for her daughter’s protection, and that night before I went to bed I sent her daughter one of my balls of light along with Saint Michael the Archangel to watch over her. I’ve had people tell me that they felt my ball of light hit them when I would send them. They’d get goosebumps or their whole bodies would vibrate. Sometimes I fill the energy ball with love, protection, healing light, strength, and many different combinations. It all depends on what you want and need.

In my head, I imagine myself rolling up a huge ball of energy that’s made of pure white energy. Then I call on my guides, my angels, my spirit buddy Erik, and the other person’s guides and angels to come and help. I hug the big ball of energy and send either love, protection, strength, etc. I leave little messages of encouragement and love in the ball, and then I give the ball to one of my angels to send. I always end up crying when I do this because the love I feel when I make the energy ball is too much for my feeble Human body to handle.

Well my friend said that late that night while her daughter was asleep in her bed, she saw a ball of white light in the mirror of her bedroom and saw AA Michael standing at the foot of her bed. It was amazing! I loved hearing this because I was so relieved that I could help in anyway I can.

Remember everyone that energy is powerful! I will be sending you all a ball full of love and hugs! <3

Ball of energy