Another Past Life Regression With Brutal Deaths

I did yet another past life regression meditation last night, and this is what I found out.

First Past Life

I saw myself wearing small high heeled shoes. They were black I think or a dark grey. I was wearing a long grey skirt, a brown belt around my waist, and a pink long sleeved sweater. I had a white silky scarf tied around my neck., and I had my hair up high in a ponytail with a bow. I had a notebook and pen in one arm, and I was walking somewhere.

I noticed everyone was dressed like they were in the 1950s. I was on a popular city street in the late afternoon after school. I saw all the old looking cars and people walking by. I went into a soda shop, and sat down at the bar. There were other people my age (I was around 15 or 16). I asked for a Coke, and sat at the bar writing in my notebook about a crush I had on someone named Michael. I saw Michael walk into the soda shop with his friends, and he sat down at a booth. He looked at me and smiled. He was dressed like a greaser hahahaha! He had the brightest blue eyes and his blonde hair was slicked back with lots of gel!

I fast forwarded in that life, and it showed my tombstone. I had died in 1954 at the age of 16. I got that I died by getting hit by a car. I traced my fingers over my tombstone, and I saw my name was Stephanie Wiles.

Second Past Life

The second one took place in the 1700s I believe. I was a woman, and I saw my shoes first. They were boots that laced up. I was wearing a poofy victorian looking dress. I picked up on me coming from a wealthy family. I had blonde hair that I had pulled up, and I was wearing a type of bonnet/hat. I looked to my left, and I was walking with a man. He was dressed in a black suit, and the coat had those two long flaps in the back. He had dark brown hair that he had in a ponytail, and some serious sideburns hahaha! I picked up on him being wealthy too.

The man was my spirit buddy. He and I were walking arm in arm, and we were laughing. He walked me to a fountain and we sat down. It was a really nice and romantic scene. He got down on one knee and proposed to me, and then we kissed.

The scene changed to 20 years later, and I was in a big extravagant house. I remember vividly the marble flooring and marble pillars in the house. I was pacing back and forth. My hair was up in a bun, but it looked like a mess. I had one hand on my hip and I was crying. It looked like I was having a mental break down because my cry was a mixture of sadness and desperation. I had alcohol in my other hand that I was drinking out of.

I went into the other room where my husband/spirit buddy was, and he was sitting there at a desk. He was running his fingers through his hair like he was stressed out, and he looked at me like it broke his heart to see me in the emotional/mental state that I was. He took a pistol out from the desk, and he stood up. He took a step closer to me and pointed the pistol at me. Then he said, “I’m sorry.” I turned around and said something like, “I don’t care anymore.” And then he shot me in the back of my head.

Funny thing is that I have a birth mark on the back of my head in the same exact spot where I got shot from this previous life. I got the feeling my husband killed me because I wanted him to. I think I was really depressed and was extremely suicidal, and he couldn’t stand seeing me like that. I think that was my life as Elizabeth where I lost 6 of my 10 children.

Third Past Life

This one was very brief. I got a glimpse of my feet, and I was barefoot. I was running in a jungle somewhere, and I saw a man approach me. I was a woman, and I had a couple of pieces of leather around my hips but no top. I had some tribal jewelry on. The man and I were lovers, and I got that this was my spirit buddy. We lived in a tribe in South Africa.

Then it fast forwarded to 20 years later, and my lifeless body was being picked up by two European explorers. They carried it over and threw it into a mass grave with other dead Africans. I saw my spirit buddy, who was still alive, and he was running up and down the mass crowd of Africans and European settlers trying to find a way to break through to get to my body. He was panicking and crying the whole time.

I hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into my past lives! It’s very interesting to say the least! 


  1. Elise Graziano says:

    God thats so intriguing. Thanks for sharing this! I just discovered your site and i have it bookmarked! I am a new fan 🙂 meditation is so freakin hard for me. I wish my higher self would’ve made it a little easier to tap into my subconscious dammit lol

    • Heather Quinto says:

      It is intriguing! You can always just say to your spirit team “hey! I wanna do this dammit! Open me up to it!” You can take total control! Ask your gatekeeper for help. Everyone has one, and a gatekeeper is that person that helps to open up your abilities and protects you. Just tell your gatekeeper what’s up!

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