Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry for the lack of posts. Being a full time nanny and student, writer, and part time psychic reader is taking up my schedule. Both my classes are wanting rough draft essays turned in by Sunday night. Isn’t that always the way? Your classes seem to throw big assignments at you at the same time. After I finish my 8 paged paper on the Japanese internment camps, I have to start on a 6 paged paper for my English class. Not counting the discussion board posts that we have to do, and the textbook readings. This week has been especially rough and time consuming. I even had to miss out on my boyfriend’s gig last night :/ Oh well, hopefully next week will be easier, yeah?

So funny! As I was typing about how jam packed my week has been, a song “You Can Do It” by No Doubt came on. Synchronicity! The song is right. I can do it!

I promise you posts galore next week! So stay tuned. Sending you all a ball full of love, light, and a thousand hugs! <3