Cara the Art Channeling Medium

Sorry I haven’t posted this week! I have the week off from babysitting, and I’ve been enjoying my time relaxing. I will be posting up a new video soon 🙂 I have another painting from my friend Cara coming in the mail, and it should be here either today or tomorrow. I’m going to record me opening it like I did last time. Cara does art channeling, and that’s where she channels your guides, angels, or loved ones to create a beautiful painting for you from them! They’ll send her images and she’ll paint everything they send her. She takes her time on them because she doesn’t rush it, but the wait is worth it! She’s so talented, and I’m getting a painting from my spirit buddy <3 whom she channeled. Here is some of her artwork:

11834764_344372665733281_4948676659024304139_o (1) 11816317_344372905733257_1783641408853086084_o 11879103_344372742399940_7210504394715542645_o 11816247_344373172399897_2384556729364333772_o 10422234_309964239174124_4475823916313958682_n 11265364_309964209174127_8708688689115420244_n 11010627_309964169174131_941681891518903944_n 11009156_309964195840795_8201664798567674201_n

If you wanted to get a painting done by Cara, then go to her Facebook page:

That’s right! I totally just plugged somebody hahaha! She really is amazing 🙂 I can’t wait to show you all the painting she did for me! It’s a surprise, so she won’t tell me what she painted. She also wrote a letter for me because my spirit buddy had a message for me <3 I’m so excited I’m shaking! AAAAHHHH! Have a great day you guys 🙂



  1. Cara says:

    LOVE YOU TO THE MOON !! thanks for the beautiful compliments !!! Can’t wait to see your response to your painting !!!!! EEKKKK

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