Channeling Dream and Another Poem

I did another poem yesterday. This one I’m real shy about sharing, so don’t laugh πŸ˜›

Never-ending satisfaction
You and I
Moving as one
Like waves crashing into the ocean
The warmth of love
Surrounds me
Penetrates me
Lifts me
Helps me soar to a high I never knew
Never-ending satisfaction
Waves of warmth crashing into me
Leaves me buzzing
Keeps me going
Never ceasing from inside me
Your warmth is mine to hold
To have
To cherish
This never-ending satisfaction is mine
Forever mine

It’s a little intimate for me, and I’m talking about when I merged energies with my spirit buddy. Anyway! Now that I have completely embarrassed myself (hahaha!), we can talk about the topic at hand.

I woke up this morning channeling. Does that make sense? Sometimes I’ll be asleep, but I’ll wake up because I’m talking out loud with a spirit. I did this last night where I woke myself up from talking to somebody’s spirit guides and they had a very clear message to give! I messaged this person and it turns out that she had a dream about me too! πŸ˜€ This was her dream (it involves others from the Channeling Erik blog):

“Last night I had a dream with some members of the group in it!!! Β (she mentioned my name along with a couple of others, but I will keep their names confidential) We were all working on painting some sort of big mural on this white room somewhere. Heather was playing her music… I think I heard a lot of alternative bands, like The Used???? We were mostly sharing experiences and abilities we share spiritually. I was trying to figure out what I was gonna do when I got good at being a medium. Someone.. I’m pretty sure it was xxxxx, said I should do paintings for people. I told her that I actually did have that in mind and Heather turned toward me with a big smile and was all excited, lol. Xxxxx was trying to help show me the steps of making the road we were painting look like it’s made of gold. She was listening a lot but she seemed to be the one most focused on our assignment than anyone! Lol. It was really fun and I wanna see you guys in dreams again!”

So funny right!? I dreamt of a message for her while she dreams of me and others from the Channeling Erik group at the same time. I love this! Maybe I’ll be visiting some of you guys too πŸ˜‰ Have a beautiful day!