Channeling My Guide Daniel and the Friday Challenge

Happy Friday everyone! As some of you may know, my guide Daniel is one of my past life selves. In fact, all my guides are one of my past life selves. The following is a channeling I did with my guide Daniel. I hope you all enjoy it! 

Me: Daniel! Time for our interview.

Daniel: Oh, it is? Well alrighty then. (straightens up his tie and posture) Now the reasons why I think I’d be great for this job is…

Me: Daniel, this isn’t a job interview.

Daniel: (Laughs) I know. I’m just fucking around.

Me: How are you feeling today, Daniel?

Daniel: I’m good. Just uh… (leans back in his chair and places his arms around his head) Just taking good care of you (winks).

Me: So you’re a past life version of myself.

Daniel: Yes. That’s correct.

Me: I’m pretty cute for a boy. Just saying.

Daniel: (Polishes the collar of his shirt) Well you know… I’m pretty fucking handsome. At least I was back in the day.

Me: When you were alive?

Daniel: Yeah! The ladies went crazy for me. Too bad for them that I was gay.

Me: You were gay? That’s so fucking awesome!

Daniel: (Laughs) No, I’m just yanking your chain. We weren’t gay that lifetime.

Me: But there was a lifetime where I was gay?

Daniel: Yes there was, but I wanna talk about me. (Smiles big)

Me: Oh yes, of course. It’s all about Daniel now.

Daniel: Damn straight! Now ask me a question.

Me: What did you do as an occupation during your lifetime as Daniel?

Daniel: I was a Blacksmith. I was born in 1858.

Me: Cool. So fucking cool. What was your spiritual mission during that lifetime? What did you hope to accomplish?

Daniel: I simply wanted to bring love into the world. That was my main goal. There was a lot of turmoil going on in the village I lived in, and I was kind of an important guy in that small community. People trusted me more than the Lord of the land area.

Me: Like a landlord, right?

Daniel: That’s correct. The “landlord” (uses air quotes) was very prudent. He was a fucking asshole to put it simply, and he abused a lot of what he can do. We were all too afraid to question him because he had a lot of power. A lot of political power, so most of the time we just hid ourselves away in fear. When I became of age, I became my father’s apprentice at his shop. He was the one who taught me everything about being a blacksmith. I was a real muscular guy. As muscular as a poor village guy can be. I was looked upon as a leader that could be trusted by those in my community. People would send me their requests or concerns, and I’d address them to the “landlord” myself since everyone was too afraid.

Me: What eventually happened?

Daniel: I was killed. I was only 35 years old at the time.

Me: The landlord killed you?

Daniel: Not him, but he sent others to do it for him.

Me: Coward.

Daniel: Fuck. I know, right? Crazy!… So I died. (Laughs)

He said it so nonchalantly that I laughed too. Did you have any wife or kids?

Daniel: Nope. I never liked any of them.

Me: (I laughed loudly) You were too good for them, huh?

Daniel: (Shrugs) I don’t know. I just wasn’t into any of them.

Me: Were you a virgin when you died? Because we all know THAT’S an important question.

Daniel: (Laughs loudly) No, I wasn’t.

Me: (Gasps) Sex before marriage? That’s a sin!

Daniel: And I’m rotting in Hell for all eternity right now as we speak (winks at me).

Me: You’re so funny.

Daniel: That’s how I win hearts (leans back into the chair). I get ya with that humor. We’ve always made sure to add humor into every lifetime. It’s who we are. Of course, I’m the best at it.

Me: Why are all my incarnations so cocky?

(Daniel and Erik start chuckling)

Daniel: You said “cock”.

Me: (I smile and roll my yes) Yes, yes. Oh so funny. At least I know now for a fact that you’re my incarnation. You take everything sexually… Did you feel you accomplished your goal of bringing love to your small community?

Daniel: Yes, I do. Shortly after my death, everyone knew it was him who arranged for my killing, so everyone revolted. It was kind of like the last straw type of thing. They were pretty fucking pissed because I was the only one who held the community together. The “landlord” never took care of the land he owned very well. He kind of half-assed it, and we had to scrape around for resources to keep us alive.

Me: That’s pretty fucked.

Daniel: All’s well that ends well.

Me: Whatever happened to your village? Can I find it now?

Daniel: It’s no longer there. People dispersed over time, and towns were expanded.

Me: Where was this village located?

Daniel: Somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Me: Did your death change anything other than in your village?

Daniel: Yes. It helped cater to the change in policies between landowners and its tenants. New laws were put in place shortly after a bunch of different villagers from different areas around the UK started to complain about their treatment and the lack of upkeep and resources given to them. (Makes a motion of a wave with his hand) Everything is a ripple effect.

Me: Your energy is very light-hearted. You seem very calm, lovable, and mischievous. You kind of remind me of Erik’s energy.

Daniel: (Grins) That doesn’t surprise me.

Me: Another deja vú! I had this conversation before! I saw this in a vision years ago. Are you and Erik friends?

Daniel: Fuck yeah we are! (Places his arm around Erik’s shoulder) He’s fucking awesome! I love him just as much as you do. Maybe even more.

Me: I hardly doubt that.

Daniel: Nah just kidding. We’re the same. I spend most of my time watching over you, little princess.

Me: Uh, “princess?” Don’t you mean “queen?”

Daniel: (Bows his head) Oh yes, my queen. Please forgive me.

Me: Am I a headache to deal with?

Daniel: (Laughs) Yeah you are! You’re a fucking handful! I don’t know how I do it sometimes. (Continues laughing) I’m totally joking. You are not a headache to deal with. I love watching over you and guiding you. You have grown into such a beautiful young lady. I’m so damn proud. I’ll never leave your side. I’m the type of guide that’ll stick with ya until the end.

Me: Awww! So sweet! I know that guides come and go as you need them.

Daniel: Not me! I’m with you until the end. Well the end of your physical life because we all know death isn’t the end.

Me: Anything else you wish to say before we break up this interview?

Daniel: Awe we’re done already? (Laughs) I want everyone to know this: everything has a ripple effect. It doesn’t matter whether it’s helping a friend during a tough time or being elected president. You make a difference everyday just by living. Just by being you! That one person you helped could go on to teach what you taught them, then that person will go on to teach another, then another, and so on. Don’t ever underestimate your capabilities. Don’t ever think your existence is worthless. We are all in this together as a collective. We each help out one another, and we each impact one another. Remember that.

Me: Thank you, Daniel. You are wise.

Daniel: (Grins) I try.


Which brings us to our Friday Challenge of the week. I want you all to practice self-worth. What I mean by that is getting out a piece of paper or just think to yourself mentally about all the good you have done. I also like to think about the things I’m not so proud of because even then I have caused a ripple effect. Maybe someone learned a valuable lesson through me, even though sometimes it means that I hurt their feelings. You are valuable. You are here for a reason.

I want you to also think about others who have impacted you. It doesn’t have to be in a major way. It could just be someone who you met on the street, and they impacted you in some way just by being there. I want you to reflect on that and take from the experience what you need (lessons learned, what you gained, etc). 

I hope you all have a great weekend! I love you all so much, and never forget that each of you mean something to me. You all have impacted me in some way or another. You are not worthless <3