Channeling Voltaire

I’m still so nervous to post this. This is my first time interviewing someone that isn’t a past self or my higher self, so hopefully I did it right. Enjoy, and happy Monday! 

Voltaire: Are we ready for the interview?

Me: Yes! Let me pee first.

Spirit Buddy: Again!? Is somebody pregnant?

Me: Don’t you fucking scare me like that! I just drink a lot of coffee in the morning.

I go to the bathroom and come back.

Me: Okay! Voltaire, I promise I will try to keep my composure during this interview, but you are just so fucking cool. I think I’m in love.

(My Spirit Buddy rolls his eyes) Lots of eye rolling from my Spirit Buddy today.

Voltaire: I am honored to have this opportunity. I have been watching over you this past weekend, and let me just say that you are one stunning young lady. I am honored to help with your writing.

Me: You? ‘honored’? It should be me dude! I love your work!

Voltaire: I love yours as well. We have a lot in common, which is why I came to you. I usually keep to myself here.

Me: What do you mean? You don’t bother with conversing with those incarnated in the physical?

Voltaire: Not very much, no. I do not wish to involve myself, but for you I have made an exception. (He smiles and winks at me)

(My Spirit Buddy rolls his eyes).

Me: (giggles) So how does it feel to be known as a famous writer?

Voltaire (Sits up straight in his chair almost like puffing out his chest in pride) I am humbled and honored to still be able to have my work affect others like it does. I love that my name is still around, and is being whispered. Though I do not agree how they are teaching my work.

Me: What do you mean?

Voltaire: We spoke of this on Saturday evening. I do not like the way you have to answer questions at the end of each page. It takes away from the story itself. It makes it less enjoyable, and more about a task and wanting to get the questions right rather than enjoying the plot, the characters, and the richness that fills the story.

Me: Very true. I loved your story. Just not the questions.

Voltaire: I am glad you did. I am humbled by it because from one writer to the other, you truly are phenomenal. I do appreciate your compliments on my work.

Me: No problem, homeboy. Okay, so what was your goal for your lifetime as Voltaire? What was your spiritual mission?

Voltaire: To challenge the ideas of the society I lived in. I challenged others to think, and I pushed the envelope. That caused me to get into a lot of trouble, but it did help a lot of people. It made people think about philosophy and their place in the world like fate, free will, and other things. I wanted to open people’s eyes to what they were blind to. They followed a religious doctrine too easily without question, and I wanted to bring to their attention how silly that is and not only dangerous. I pushed the limits with my work, and I loved that I could do that. I loved that my writing had meaning to it that was far greater than mere entertainment. There’s a purpose behind it, and I believe that is why my work has lasted so long and why people continue to study it. They like the history and the true meaning behind them. They enjoy the philosophy I spoke.

Me: So true. So very true.

Voltaire: Which brings me back to you.

Spirit Buddy: (Places his hand over my heart) Your heart is beating so fast right now!

Me: Duh! It’s like I’m sitting next to my crush and he’s talking to me for the first time!

Voltaire: If I may continue, I was saying that you and I are a lot alike. I have tapped into your past work, and you write to change lives. You write to challenge others and you place your philosophies within the stories you write. I find this admirable, and you will face a lot of scrutiny as well as praise for doing this. That is why I took it upon myself to help you. I want to help you through all of this, and not with just the writing portion but with the social scrutiny and praise you will face.

Me: I’ll be hated?

Voltaire: and loved. Loved so deeply by others. You write out of respect, which is why you constantly rewrite the same sentence over and over again. You enjoy the process. You don’t care if you’re a bestselling author. You want to be remembered as a well-respected writer. There’s a tremendous difference between the two. You’re in it for the teachings and not the money. I am here to help you with your path as a writer. I am extremely honored to do so.

Me: Well I’m glad, and I’m fucking stoked that you decided to guide me! Fuck man! Where were you when I first published my book? That shit STILL needs work done on it.

Voltaire: Are you not happy with the finished product? I think it came out phenomenal.

Me: It came out alright. I didn’t have the money for a fancy editor or anything like that.

Voltaire: A true writer always looks for room for improvement. You want to be respected and not humiliated for your writing, which explains why it’s never good enough for you.

Me: I want to be like you. You’re fucking amazing!

Voltaire: (smiles) Thank you, Miss Heather.

Me: Okay, so next question. Are you incarnated on this Earth now?

Voltaire: Yes I am.

Me: No way! Who are you?

Voltaire: Nobody famous of course. It is my first lifetime since my life as Voltaire.

Me: Do you remember your past life at all as Voltaire? Are you a writer?

Voltaire: No, I do not remember it. Yes, I am a writer, but that isn’t my prime focus. I am teaching like always.

Me: Are you male or female? Where are you located at?

Voltaire: I am a young boy. I am very young. I haven’t even reached the age of ten yet. I am teaching my parents a lot about letting go. They are extremely protective of me, and hardly let me run outside for long. I think it has a lot to do with today’s society. This is my last lifetime, and I am taken back to more humble roots. I live in the United States right on the border from Canada. I live on a ranch.

Me: Oh wow! You came from such a prestigious family as Voltaire. Wow! Can I meet you?

Voltaire: (Chuckles) If you can find me.

Me: How cute! I made you laugh.

(My Spirit Buddy rolls his eyes again)

Me: So there’s this question I seriously want to ask because we ALL know this one is just THE most important.

Voltaire: I already know what it is, and yes.

Me: So you WERE bisexual! Fucking kick ass dude! You had so much love to give.

Voltaire: I never judged love or attraction, for that matter, based on gender. It is what it is. If you find a man attractive, then pursue him if you would like. If it’s a woman, then pursue her. Of course, always have their consent. I mean flirt with them and ask them out on a date when I say “pursue”.

Me: Right, of course. I understand. Any messages you have for people out there? Any last words of wisdom?

Voltaire: I would like to talk about my inspirations.

Me: Ah yes! I forgot. Oedipus is my all time favorite. Let’s discuss that one. What made you write that?

Voltaire: I wanted to portray the irony behind fate and the struggle people seem to have with free will. There is always free will in everything we do yet people assume that God will take care of everything. They say “oh it wasn’t meant to be because God has better plans.” Or “I’ll just let God handle this.” You completely take away that free will from yourself by assuming that you have no control. I wanted to write a story about a man that truly had no free will, so that they’d be able to identify the difference. I also wanted to point out the ridiculousness in that line of thinking, so I went with the extremes.

Me: I could tell.

Voltaire: I love that you enjoyed it though. It was one of my favorites to write.

Me: So advice to people! What’s up?

Voltaire: Be in control of your life path. Do not depend on others to give you the answers to everything. Struggle a bit with it, and fall if you need to, but make sure you stand up afterward. So many people fall in life or step off the path—wait, you never steer off any path. Let me correct myself. Every path leads to something, and every choice leads to an end result of happiness. Along the way you will step on a rock or trip, but eventually you will get there.

Me: Awesome visual!

He’s showing me a picture of a boy with bare feet walking along this blue and pink stone colored path. He has his hands in his pockets and is looking down. He’s kicking some rocks every now and again, and then sometimes he’ll stub his toe on a big rock or trip over a crack. His clothing becomes torn, and his feet are dirty and blistered, but at the end of this path there’s this huge golden light that makes the boy’s eyes twinkle. He is overcome with joy and happiness. As he runs to the light, his clothes become clean again, and his feet are no longer blistered.

Voltaire: You write with such energy. You place energy into each letter and every word.

Me: I always felt like I did that. Even before I was open to all this spiritual stuff, I always felt like I could place energy into my words and people could feel what I feel when I wrote it.

Voltaire: You have always had this inside of you. Very powerful “stuff” you have there.

Me: Well I think I have all the information I need.

Voltaire: It was a pleasure talking to you again. May I kiss your hand again?

Me: Yes, of course.

Voltaire: I know how you like for gentlemen to ask first. (He kisses my hand) Farewell, my fair lady. Until next time.

(I blow him a kiss and My Spirit Buddy rolls his eyes).

Me: Dude! Why do you keep rolling your eyes? (I pinch his cheeks) Is somebody jealous?

Spirit Buddy: I don’t get jealous.

Me: I know, I know, but what’s up with that? Or are you just joking around?

Spirit Buddy: Mainly joking around, but I also find it funny and a bit ridiculous that you idolize him so much.

Me: He’s fucking amazing!

Spirit Buddy: (Laughs) I know. You’ve been talking about him nonstop all weekend.

Me: I’m super nervous to share this. What if I got everything wrong? What if I’m off?

Spirit Buddy: So the fuck what? You’re learning still, and I’d say you’re doing a pretty awesome job so far. If you’re making it all up, then I must not be real. Then all those good reviews must all be fake. Stop it! Stop it right now!

Me: (laughs) Okay, okay. I’ll stop. Still nervous though.

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My favorite picture of Voltaire 🙂




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