Channeling Yucka and My Past Life Self Elizabeth

Hey everyone! The following is a channeling I did with Yucka, my spirit buddy, and my past self Elizabeth. I have a lot of issues when it comes to children this lifetime. I can’t get too close to them. It feels like there’s this blockage that keeps me from inviting them in fully. I can’t even hug them! My guides and angels gave me this nannying job so that I could heal from my past life as Elizabeth (she lost 6 of her 10 children). I hope you all enjoy it! This was a very intense channeling session for me. I am completely drained. 

Yucka: Now would be a good time to channel. Your vibrations are raised high this morning. You always feel so happy when you wake up. I just love it! You always start the day feeling grateful.

Me: I have my computer back. Of course I feel grateful.

Yucka: Oh yes, your precious baby, is it? You’re addicted, my friend.

Me: Yes I am. I know I am. I do everything on my laptop though! I go to school online, I work online, my social life…

Yucka: (claps her hands together) Okay! So! You had some questions for me regarding Joshie-poo and Daniel, right?

Josh is my boyfriend for those that don’t know.

Me: Just Josh. Are he and I romantic soulmates?

Yucka: Kind of. Not really.

Me: Are we twin flames then?

Yucka: (Laughs) Nooooooo! Oh no, no, no!

Me: Why that reaction?

(Yucka continues to laugh)

Yucka: I just think it’s funny that you keep asking. You know damn good and well it’s not Josh. You feel it in your heart.

Me: Okay, so if he’s not a romantic soulmate or a twin flame. Then who is he?

Yucka: He’s a volunteer.

Me: A Volunteer? Give me more than this. Give me more details.

Yucka: He volunteered to be your romantic partner this lifetime.

Me: You make it seem like he didn’t love me at all (I laugh). I’m imagining him raising his hand and saying, “I’ll do it! I offer myself as tribute!”

(Yucka laughs)

Yucka: He’s a dear friend of mine here. A very dear friend. He offered to be your husband this lifetime because he wanted to.

Me: So this is a one time thing between he and I?

Yucka: Yes. It’s a one time thing. I hope this doesn’t upset you.

Me: Not at all! I find it interesting. I showed this picture of Josh, and someone said he’s the essence of an angel. Is that true?

Yucka: Yes. He’s an angel here.

Me: Will he ever know who he is?

Yucka: No. Not anytime soon. He’s not meant to know. Not yet at least. There will be a time where he will choose between two paths, and he can either choose to go down the path you’re on or go down a path that isn’t so… Spiritual I guess you could say. If he chooses the more spiritual path, then he will be awakened about who he is. If not, then he will live a “regular life as a regular guy.” That’s what he calls it. He said he just wanted to live a regular life as a regular guy. He just wants to have fun for now and live life.

Me: Will he help me in my work if he goes down this more spiritual path?

Yucka: Doesn’t he already? He’s already so supportive of you. He loves you so much.

Me: But will he be involved with what I do more physically than being supportive? Like will he and I do readings together or something?

Yucka: No. He’ll be more of an energy healer like Reiki and all that. He has very good energy healing powers.

Me: Yeah he does! I just touch him and I feel better.

Yucka: That’s an angel for ya.

Me: Wow. How did I snag myself an angel?

Yucka: (Laughs) Oh sweetie. He loves you so much. He thinks the same about you. He considers himself lucky. So what else did you want to discuss?

Me: The whistling last night. I woke up at 3 in the morning, and I heard whistling.

Spirit Buddy: that was me.

Me: Do you always whistle while I’m asleep?

Spirit Buddy: Not always. I usually just play the guitar beside you.

Me: Is that why I wake up with songs stuck in my head?

Spirit Buddy: (grins big) Yes.

Me: Why? Why do that? I’m asleep.

Spirit Buddy: Because I promised you that I’d never leave your side. Not even when you’re asleep.

Me: You don’t wake me up with the Winnie-the-Pooh theme song anymore.

Spirit Buddy: (Laughs) Do you want me to? I’ll start doing that again if you want.

Me: Nah, it’s chill dude. Yucka, can we bring in another one of my past life selves?

Yucka: Yes.

A woman wearing a white Victorian dress comes in. Her hair is a dark brown and is pulled up in a bun. She has a very pointed nose. She looks very serious. She sits down in a chair.

Me: hi there!

Woman: Hello. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Me: and what is your name?

Woman: Elizabeth.

Me: so you’re a past life version of myself, correct?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Jesus, it’s like pulling teeth to get her to talk more.

Me: So what year were you born?

Elizabeth: 1726

Me: And who were you exactly? What did you accomplish during your lifetime as Elizabeth? Hopefully she gives me more than a one sentence response.

Elizabeth: I came from a rich family. I was very happy. I lived in England, but I moved to colonial India when I was 17 with my family. My father had bought property there. We had more than one home.

Me: Damn! Rolling in that dough, huh?

Elizabeth: (Raises her eyebrow at me) Yes. Indeed. I could have anything I could ask for. I married a man I loved, who was also a rich man. I only married and associated with those in my social class.

Me: No offense, but I sound kind of like a stuck up bitch in that lifetime.

Elizabeth: (Sighs deeply) The only happiness I had was through my husband, but that wasn’t enough for me. He gave me all I ever desired. He bought me all the dresses I wanted. I loved the dresses of the time I lived in.

Me: I do too! Whenever I see a poofy dress, I HAVE to have it.

Elizabeth: (giggles) Some things never change. I couldn’t wait to get started on a family with my husband. We had a total of 10 children.

Me: Woah! Fuck dude! Ten!? Ten kids?

Elizabeth: Yes… But uh… (starts to tear up) Some of them didn’t make it.

Me: (I turn to Yucka) Am I talking to my past self that lost all the kids?

(Yucka nods)

Oh boy…

Me: We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want.

Elizabeth: No I must. This is what my life was about. It was about grief.

Me: Okay. Go on. Talk.

Elizabeth: I ended up losing the first two at childbirth. The third one was when she was five. She was playing out on the property and ate something she shouldn’t have. She got sick a few days later and passed away. The fourth one died in an accident out on the property playing with her older brother who also died trying to save her.

Me: God damn!

Elizabeth: They both drowned. Then my eldest son… He was 21 when he died. He got shot in the back of the head. He was murdered by some friend of his.

Me: Why?

Elizabeth: He was involved in a love triangle.

Me: Ooooh… Did anymore children die?

Elizabeth: No. That was it.

Me: Oh my God… That’s some intense shit. What ended up happening?

Elizabeth: I became very ill from stress and depression. I let myself die. I just sort of collapsed. I died two years after the eldest died. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: Yeah, I don’t blame you.

Elizabeth: My body gave out on me. Your mind, body, and spirit are all connected. If one part of you is infected then all parts of you are. You have to keep them all aligned and healthy.

Me: Right. I totally agree.

I hope you all enjoyed it! Don’t forget to comment, share, and like. I love you all so much <3


  1. Sindhu says:

    That was very intense and touched my heart. Much much love to you Heather! Funny, when i read the part about Josh volunteering and you imagining him raising his hand and saying’ I’ll do it”, i pictured the exact same response in my head! lolz! Love love love your posts! 🙂 Awesome!

    • Heather Quinto says:

      Thank you for your continued support! That part about the Josh “volunteering” made me laugh hahaha! I just thought about the Hunger Games. Love and hugs to you!

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