Channeling Yucka: Listening to Your Heart

Here’s a channeling I did with my higher self Yucka! This is just a quick channeling I did. I don’t control where the conversations go, and sometimes they’re really short conversations. I hope you all enjoy reading Yucka’s advice! 

Yucka: It’s 11:11, my darling! How are you feeling?

Me: I’m good. A little stressed about school work, but I procrastinate too much

Yucka: You do procrastinate too much. It’s easier to just hurry up and get it over with instead of prolonging it out.

Me: So true. I’m thinking about other things that make me happy so I can raise my vibrations.

Yucka: well if you think about it, sweetie. You’re only stressed about homework. If that’s your only stressor, then your life is golden! You are living the good life.

Me: I know I am! Let me think of a question to ask you. Is there anything you’d like to say? Advice? Words of wisdom?

Yucka: Just to love and laugh as much as possible. STOP procrastinating on life, and I’m not just talking homework here. If there is something you’re wanting to do or a passion deep in your heart, then pursue it! Don’t lay around all day THINKING about pursuing it. Actually do it! Your heart will never leave you astray. Do what the heart says. Act with what your heart says because that’s where your true happiness lies. If you have this constant nagging feeling that you should do something, then listen to it! It won’t go away unless you do it. Your guides and angels and you yourself are all telling you something. Follow your passions. Follow your heart, and you will find happiness

Me: Coolness.

Yucka: (laughs) I lay down this amazing advice, and you say “coolness”. Oh I love it so much!

Me: Let me ask you this then.

Yucka: Riddle me this. Riddle me that. (Giggles).

Me: Some people feel confused about what they feel. They don’t know which is speaking: the heart or the brain. It can become quite irritating. I’m there sometimes myself.

Yucka: That has a lot to do with people not listening to their feelings and emotions. They’re not able to decipher them after a while because they are so use to listening to that brain of theirs that when their heart finally speaks, they’re confused by it. It’s like a whole other language to them!

Me: Well what can they do to help with that?

Yucka: Well what have you done to help with it?

Me: Let go.

Yucka: Exactly. You had a lot of self esteem issues, so you didn’t trust your heart to have the answers because you have gotten hurt a lot. That comes with being so open and honest with people. You wear your heart on your sleeve, which can open you up to a lot of pain as well as love. It’s a risk you constantly take on a daily basis. When you would date a boy, you’d get feelings about them. Usually your first initial reaction or feeling is your intuition and heart speaking. So say you’re starting to date a boy, your instinct instantly tells you whether or not you should pursue him or not. Sometimes you get bad vibes from someone, but then that human brain came in and said “he’s so cute. He seems nice. You shouldn’t be so mean. Give him a shot.” Your intuition knows a lot. It won’t lead you astray. So you need to let go of whatever fears you have. Whatever blockages you have in order to hear yourself better. It takes practice to relearn to listen. Start practicing it everyday! With everything you encounter, whether it’s buying fruit or which restaurant to go to. Listen to your heart’s reaction to it.

I left for a half hour during our channeling to make my nephew some lunch.

Me: sorry about that. I had nanny business to attend to.

Yucka: That is fine. He’s really starting to love you. He thinks of you as this adult figure that he can trust with his feelings. He’s only two, but he views you like this all powerful auntie (laughs).

Me: (Laughs) All powerful, huh?

Yucka: Like an angel.

Me: How sweet. I know I still struggle with my self esteem, but I’m working on it. I’m determined to be the best channel I can. Is there anything else I need to be working on?

Yucka: Discipline.


Don’t forget that tomorrow is the Friday Challenge! 


  1. Sindhu says:

    I definitely have a problem identifying with my feelings! It’s so hard. Thank you so much for your advice, Yucka <3 Great post yet again Heather! 🙂

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