Channeling Yucka: My Past Life and Being True to Yourself

Hey there everyone! I hope you are all having a great week so far! I have been so busy with school and work, but Yucka came to see me this morning to talk with me. I think she’s loving the attention she’s getting  😉  Here is another channeling I did of my higher self, Yucka. I hope you all enjoy it! 

Yucka: Right now would be a good time to channel me.

Me: Hi there, Yucka!

Yucka: Hi, Heather. How are you feeling today?

Me: That really stuck out to me that you asked me how I’m “feeling” instead of “doing”.

Yucka: Well of course, my love! I want you to become more in tuned to your feelings. To your heart instead of to your mind. This will help you to open up that cloud that covers your heart.

Me: Cloud?

Yucka: Oh yes, dear. You have such pain in your heart that it clouds your true feelings. You are so use to lying to yourself that you’re okay that these lies have made it hard to decipher how you truly feel. When you lie to others, it makes it easier for you to lie to yourself. You are not true to yourself.

Me: So I don’t know what I feel? How do I fix this?

Yucka: (laughs and shakes her head) You have always treated everything like a puzzle that needs to be put back together. Don’t treat this so analytically. These are your feelings we’re talking about! No “human brain logic” can help you here.

Me: How do I become true to myself?

Yucka: By asking yourself this simple question everyday: “how are you feeling?” How are you feeling today, Heather? Tell me all about it! (lays down on her belly, and rest her head in her hands).

Me: I feel happy this morning. I have this warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. I feel excited.

Yucka: And why is that, my dear?

Me: I don’t know. I just do.

Yucka: You know why, sweetie. Tell me why. Go on! Tell me all that’s on your mind! Or rather what’s going on in your heart. Talk with your heart and not your brain.

Me: I feel blessed and I am thankful for everything I have so far. I’m living in abundance, and I have so many things to look foreword to. I’m excited for the future, but I’m also excited to get started with today and living with the here and now. The future can wait, but I’m so excited for it in a happy way. I’m not afraid or worried about it. I’m healing, and I know I still have some lingering negativity in my heart from the doubt that has clouded my heart. But I’m finally letting it go, and it’s so liberating. I feel free.

Yucka: (Still laying on her belly with a big smile on her face). Your alter ego is beginning to disappear too, which is very good. You truly are healing. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of myself! (She gives me a cheeky grin).

Me: I want to know more about you, but first, how are you feeling today, Yucka?

Yucka: (Laughs loudly) We already know how I’m feeling. I’m as happy as can be!

Me: Oh good. Okay, so back about you. Everyone just loves you Yucka!

Yucka: (Giggles) I know! Who wouldn’t?

Me: (I laugh) I don’t know where to start. You have this healing light around you, and this love. You seem so wise.

Yucka: (Giggles) Well that’s because I’m an old fart. (Laughs loudly) I’m a healer here.

Me: What do you do there at Home-base?

Yucka: I heal others through messages and signs. Specifically those with heartache from either a romantic relationship or grief. I usually help mothers with grief from a child who has passed or if the child is a teenager and is giving them some trouble (winks), I help with that. I help with parental guidance. You are very good at this. It comes to you naturally. You don’t have any children, yet you know exactly what to do. How to help a newly pregnant mother, how to help with raising children, and so on. It’s etched into your DNA.

Me: Why?

Yucka: Because I wanted it that way. You need this for your lifetime.

Me: Since we’re talking about children and all that, I have a question. Why is it that I feel so distant from my nephews and the cousins I babysit? I want to love them, but I can’t. I feel like I have a blockage. I have a hard time opening up to children in general. Why is that? Why this blockage? I can’t even give them a hug! It kind of pains me almost.

Yucka: That’s because you have lost children in a past life. Many of them, and you carried on that pain to this lifetime. It’s in your deep subconscious. You are afraid they’ll be taken away from you. That and those are your nephews and cousins, and not your own children. The reason why we brought this nanny job to you was so that you could heal from your past life. This experience with babysitting young children is helping you to heal, and you can feel it.

Me: (I smile) I can. I can feel myself opening up more and more each day. It’s becoming easier to love them. They’re growing on me.

Yucka: I’m so glad! You will be ready to have children of your own soon.

Me: How many children did I lose in this past life? The number 5 keeps popping up.

Yucka: (Shakes her head) It wouldn’t benefit you to know this life.

Me: How recent was this life?

Yucka: It was your last lifetime as a woman. So it wasn’t the one right before this one, but the second to last one.

Me: Oh… That’s pretty recent, huh? Why didn’t I go to therapy or something on the other side?

Yucka: Remember, deary that there’s no such thing as time. Everything is happening all at once.

Me: I have a hard time with that concept.

Yucka: You just sighed. How are you feeling?

Me: Heavy a little bit from talking about the loss of children and about that lifetime.

Yucka: Then let’s stop talking about it. It’s in the past after all (winks).

(I smile)

Yucka: (Shakes her finger at me) Ah-ah-ah! Don’t smile to try to cloud how you’re truly feeling. This is exactly what I’m talking about, Heather.


Yucka: You are thinking you’ll fake it until you make it, and that’s what has caused the clouding in your heart. You don’t know how you truly feel because you have lied to yourself and others for so long! Be true to yourself! Own up to it! Be fucking sad if you’re sad. Be fucking happy if you’re happy. Be a mixture of the two! You don’t have to be one set emotion. No one is one set of emotion. Humans are capable of having a different array of emotions, and I want you to be truthful of everything you’re feeling. Not just the main emotion that’s taking up the most space.

Me: (I nod) Got it. Now I’m afraid to smile. (I laugh)

(Yucka and Erik laugh)

Yucka: Smile if you want, but I want you to refrain from smiling so that you can lie yourself into thinking you’re okay when you’re not. You’re smiling now because I’m talking about this serious information in a humorous tone. It’s what I do.

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  1. sindhu says:

    Yucka is so wise and funny. I love her wisdom and her sense of humor!! I am totally loving and learning tons from your posts Heather! Thank you for sharing 🙂 <3

    • Heather Quinto says:

      Awesome! I’m sure she’s giggling up a storm from all the attention she’s getting 😛 I’m so glad the posts are helping you.

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