Chapter 7 Book Excerpt

I took a risk and trusted in my clairaudience last night during a reading, and apparently I got it right! I was absolutely frightened to trust in it fully, but my gatekeeper, Michelle, said to “risk, say it, and then see what happens next”. I still doubt in my abilities sometimes, especially with working on a new clair, but doubt is something we Humans face on a daily basis. It’s part of the Human experience. I need to just let this shit go and stop doubting myself. 

Tomorrow night I will have time to practice trance channeling! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the time lately, and I feel like I need to dive into it more if I want to get where I need to be. I have this strong feeling that I’m going to be using my trance channeling skills soon to do events and all that, so I need to get to work! My intuition has never been off. I can’t wait for my first trance channeling coaching session on November 4th! So excited! 

Today is the one year anniversary that I got the copy of my first published book! 


My book was officially published November 7th, 2014. Now that I think back, I’ve accomplished a lot for a 21 year old hahahahaha! As celebration, I am going to share with you my favorite chapter from Inhuman. I loved writing this chapter the most because I got to introduce the character Hania. She is based off of my higher self, Yucka. 

“H-hello, Hania. It’s such an honor to meet-no wait-a privilege to meet you,” I said holding out my hand for a handshake. Hania smiled warmly and shook my hand. “Thank you so much for getting Cassandra to come and find me,” I said. “No problem, my dear,” said Hania, “it was my pleasure.”

Hania had the longest black hair that I had ever seen; it went all the way down to her ankles, and she had bangs that were cut straight across her forehead. Her outfit was incredibly sexy; she wore a mini black, short-sleeved dress. Then she had black leathered, high-heeled boots on that went all the way up to her mid-thigh. She had on three necklaces. One was a red and black Rosary, the other was a silver chain with a Crucifix on it, and the third one had a skeleton key on it. One of her many bracelets that stood out to me was the brown wooden bracelet that had the twelve saints on it. “So Hania, how old are you,” I asked.


My jaw dropped. “How are you sixteen? You look like you are in your twenties.”

“Shocking I know. I get that a lot, but I am an old soul so perhaps that has something to do with it.” I couldn’t help but think that there was a hidden meaning behind her saying “old soul.” I started to wonder what powers she had.

“I can run fast, eat lots of junk food, and can say the alphabet backwards.”

What the hell? How could she have known what I was thinking?

“Because I can read minds.”

I had completely forgotten my dream at this point, and just wanted to know more about Hania. “What else?”

Hania went on to say in a matter of fact tone. “I am a skinwalker, so I’m just like you. I can do what other skinwalkers can do.”

“Well I’m a skinwalker, but I still haven’t even fully shifted yet. I want to know what you can do. Be honest.”

“Well I perfected the shape shifting for the most part. I can see visions, of course. I can visit people in their dreams as well as kill people in their dreams, which causing them to die in reality. I can visit the spirit world, which is what you are working on right now with the meditating. I can shield pretty well, send summons like Cleo just did a moment ago, feel presences, see spirits, smell the scent of different species, and I can fry people’s brains that are not even in the same continent as me. I’m trying to work on controlling that”

Wow. That was a lot of stuff. “Yes, it is,” she said. I blushed and laughed at myself. “Oh yeah, I forgot about the mind reading thing.” I was scared to think about anything else. What if she read about Mark and me? Hania smirked and suddenly I got a slight headache. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything. I’ll try and get out of your head. The voice inside my head sounded like Hania’s, and I looked at her. She winked at me. This girl was so cool. “I’ll make breakfast for everyone,” she said.

Cleo and Mark left upstairs, and I stayed at the dining room table and admired Hania. “So how did you and Cassandra become so close,” I asked. Hania smiled. “When I first met her, I came in the form of an eagle and sat at her windowpane. She just stared at me for hours and kept mumbling, ‘lovely bird.’ You see, her family saw her shift into a werewolf one day, and locked her away in her bedroom in fear of being killed. Her family thought that she was the work of the Devil, which is typical. People must understand that not everything that’s unexplainable is the work of something evil. They just want to make themselves feel better. So I broke her out and saved her from her family.”

“How did you find Cassandra in the first place?”

“Her location was near where I lived. I could sense her, and also sense her distress. I went to go find her, and that’s when I saw her locked up in her room. When she saw me, she was frightened. She kept telling me to go away because she believed that she was a monster. She began to throw things at the window. I decided to come back the next day as an eagle because I thought maybe she’d be less resistant that way. It worked.”

I continued to stare at her in awe. “That’s amazing. Tell me more stories.”

Hania laughed. “Very well then. What would you like to hear?” She spoke so elegantly.

“Your childhood. What was that like?”

Hania was quiet for a while as she looked out the window. Her eyes looked so distant. “I’d rather not talk about that.”

“I’m sorry. What about your school life?”

Hania’s frown seemed to dissipate. “Growing up as a child with freakish powers was not easy. Kids would throw rocks at me, and called me a witch. It didn’t help that I had long black hair, and I looked whiter than snow. When I was younger, I was always sick.” Hania placed the frozen cinnamon rolls into the oven. “Are any of your friends at school skinwalkers or anything like that,” I asked. Hania started to crack some eggs into a bowl. “I go to school online. It’s so I can come and go from Kentucky to California freely when I need to.”

I watched as Hania whisked the eggs together with a fork and poured it into a saucepan. “So what’s your religion? Do you have one,” I asked. Hania continued to cook the scrambled eggs. “I’m Catholic.” “That’s interesting. How did you choose to become Catholic,” I asked. Hania said, “I was raised in a Catholic family.”

Hania took out the baked cinnamon rolls, and continued to make more scrambled eggs. She cut up some nut bread into squares. “Can you help set the table,” she asked. I placed the forks and knives along with the condiments on the table. I got out the plates and cups for Hania to fill. Afterwards Hania called for everyone telepathically, and people began to enter the dining area. Mark took a seat next to me, and I looked at everyone at the table. It felt complete with Hania there.

After breakfast, Mark and I began to pack up to head back home. Hania knocked at my door. “May I come in?” “Yes, of course,” I said. Hania sat on my bed. “I hope you have a safe trip home, and I’m glad that I officially met you.” I smiled. “Thank you.” “May blessings be with you,” she said as she stood up and hugged me good-bye. She shook Mark’s hand before leaving out the door. I ran over to give Mark a hug. “I don’t want to go home.” “Neither do I,” said Mark as he held me tighter in his grasp before letting go. “It was a good vacation.”

Roger helped place our suitcases in the silver Chevy car. I gave Cleo and Cassandra a hug good-bye. “We’re all going to miss you,” said Cleo, “hopefully next time you’ll both have more time to get to know the others better.” Cassandra began to cry. “I’m going to miss you two.” Hania smiled and shook her head. “Knowing you, you’re going to go see them during the winter.” “Come on, the plane leaves in two hours,” urged Roger. Mark and I got into the car and we drove away. Tears fell down my cheeks, and Mark held my hand to comfort me. I didn’t want to leave.