Coming out of your Spiritual Closet

Coming out of your “spiritual closet” is a very hard thing to do. I haven’t come out fully to my own family yet, and majority of my friends don’t know what I do or what I study in my spare time. There seems to be a stigma towards spiritual people. We are often seen as weak or insane, and we’re often called “hippies”, which isn’t much of an insult if you think about it. I have been called a “witch” and the “work of the Devil” because of what I believe in. What I say in response is give them a big smile and a hug and tell them, “I love you, and I know you love me too because it’s your egos that are judging me and not your true selves.” A lot of people are dumbfounded by my response to their hurtful comments towards me, but like I always say: kill it with love!

I firmly believe people see us in a negative light because they don’t understand us. They don’t know the first thing about what we stand for. Spirituality isn’t a religion, which is what makes it so beautiful. Spirituality is your own truth, and no one spiritualist has the same ideals as the next. We are all vastly unique within our own truths, and this is because everyone has their own perspective. Why should I tell you that your truth is wrong, and mine is right? Who am I to tell you that? That is your reality, and as far as we know, it’s as much the truth as my reality is.

Not every spiritualist is into channeling or astral projection. Not every one of us has our third eye open, and we all don’t meditate. We are just beings that search for our own truth to the afterlife, or as I like to call it “Home-Base”.

I am a spiritualist. I channel, and I do psychic readings for people. I do automatic writing, and I meditate on a regular basis. I believe in the Source (most of you call it God), and I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in angels, and I believe we are all beings of light that came from the Source. I believe that we are all one. That is my truth. What is yours?

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