Connecting to Spirit

Someone asked the following question:

“I am wondering about the initial channeling process. Is it going to take practice to get information or am I going to feel the connection first and then practice?”


When learning to channel, it’s different for everyone. Everyone has learned in their own unique way. What worked for one person may not work for another. With anything, it will take practice. You are learning a new skill, so I’d suggest by first learning how to connect with spirit. You will need to do so in order to channel. You may not know this, but everyone channels everyday. You channel your guides and angels all the time whenever you’re working, dealing with a difficult issue, working on a project, and so many other things. Your guides and angels are right beside you and helping you. They are feeding you knowledge and helping to guide you through life. However, when “learning to channel”, you are learning how to directly channel them.

Once you recognize that you have this ability inside of you already, then the process of listening and tuning in will become easier. Doubt can cause you to block the flow of information and the connection. I prefer to write things out in steps, so I will give a how-to on the beginning stages of connecting to spirit.

Step 1: Meditation

It’s all about finding the right meditation that fits for you. Anything that helps to relax you is a form of meditation. It can be exercising, gardening, cleaning, breathing exercises, etc. Once you find the right meditation for you, your mind will begin to relax. This gives you a perfect opportunity to begin to open up for communication. It helps to clear your mind and raises your vibrations, which makes communication better and thins out your filter.

Step 2: Connecting to Spirit/Opening up to communication

How I started out with connecting to spirit was doing guided meditations on opening your third eye. You can do this by looking up guided meditations online or through binaural beats videos that help to open your third eye (they can be found for free online). Ask your guides and angels to open your third eye more and help to connect with spirit. That’s how I do it, nowadays. I no longer use the guided meditations and rely on visualization instead. I imagine a white light coming out of my third eye and opening up into a funnel shape, and then I begin to feel a tingling in the middle of my forehead. That’s my sign that my third eye is opening up and I’m connecting to spirit.

Check out my third eye exercise by clicking here.

Step 3: Connecting to Energy

This is how I work since I am an intuitive medium. This may not work for you, however. I find it helpful to connect with the spirit’s energy. Say I want to channel a specific guide, I’ll ask them to come into my energetic field and tell them to send me their energy so I could “feel them up”. Sometimes I feel goosebumps or tingling on my arms or legs. It could mean that’s where they are touching me or it could be where I’m pulling in the energy from. You need to become aware of how your body works while channeling. Everyone’s experience is different. For me, I pull in energy through my legs. Weird, right? I know, but that’s how I work. Whenever someone is in pain or I’m connecting to someone’s energy, I’ll feel it in my legs first and then it flows throughout the rest of my body.


Those are the steps to how I connect to spirit. Remember, you have to believe you can do this or else it will block you off. Don’t build up too high of an expectation either, and be open to the different ways that you could receive contact. Maybe you might feel more intuitively than hear in your head. Or you might get goosebumps, chills, hear sounds, get vivid dreams, etc. Just be open to different types of contact.

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