Drugs and Channeling

Someone asked the following question:

“Do Anti-depressives make channeling more difficult to get in contact with spirits or your higher self while meditation?❤”

This is a question that a lot of mediums disagree with because everyone has a different answer for it. Some say “yes” and others say “no.” Me? I say “it depends.” Just like everyone channels differently, our bodies are different too. Not everyone is going to react the same to everything. Some people are allergic to peanuts while others are not. It’s the same principle being added here. There are two different forces at play here, and that’s 1) Believing drugs can affect your channeling and connection to spirit and 2) Your body being sensitive to external factors.

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Your mind and your energy is very powerful. If you truly believe that any type of drug, whether it’d be something as small as Ibuprofen, affects your connection then it will. This only applies to those whose bodies are not sensitive initially to drugs affecting them. But how do you know if you’re sensitive or not? The only way to know is by testing that theory out. However, I warn not to stop taking your medicine if it’s to treat something serious. I don’t want to be held responsible for anything! I’m not a doctor here.

It gets tricky with those drugs that dramatically alter your state of being like Marijuana or alcohol. Some people are not affected by Marijuana at all. In fact, some mediums feel it helps to heightened their abilities and their connection to spirit because it helps to break down those walls they built up and helps them to relax and remain open instead of closed off. For others, however, it affects their channeling in a negative way. They may not be able to connect as easily or be able to tell the difference between them channeling spirit and them talking to themselves hahahaha!

Native Americans, at least the ones from my tribe, used Peyote to help them connect to spirit. They did it in small doses so as not to greatly affect their state of being, but just enough to open themselves up to spirit.

Me? I can’t have any alcohol before trying to channel because I’m very sensitive to that drug (yes, alcohol is a drug). Some people can’t even have tap water! There are some that are incredibly sensitive to everything around them and become easily affected. So my answer to this question is: it depends on the person. I’d say for you to try out channeling and connecting in different ways, and put the intent and fully believe that you CAN channel despite taking anti-depressives. I shouldn’t say “try” but “DO IT!” You also need to look into why you’re taking anti-depressives because it could be your low vibrations and emotional state that keeps you from connecting to spirit and not the pills themselves. With mediums, our emotional state affects our channeling too just like it does when we’re sick.

I was taking anti-depressives and medicine for my social anxiety, but after opening myself up to spirit and learning about the power of my own mind, I no longer needed to take those. I rely on myself now and alternative help like essential oils when I need to. When I was taking them, it didn’t affect my channeling. However, it could be different for you.

Hope this helps!


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