EVP Caught During Practice

I did a second trance channeling practice this morning with my friend Cara. It went well even though I have no confidence in what I’m doing whatsoever! I just need to get over it, and I can’t wait to practice again! I just want to keep practicing every single day. Numerous times a day! I can’t stop! I’m addicted because I want to master this. That and I enjoy it. I love having a goal in mind and going for it, and I know I can do this. I just gotta be patient with myself.

This second practice I recorded it, but I’m not ready to let others see it. I think I semi-trance channeled him in this one, but not fully. Maybe it’s just my lack of confidence speaking hahahaha! Anyway, it felt the same as yesterday. I felt like I was in the backseat watching everything happen and I couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t feel it when he moved my arm or when he laughed. My accent even changed for a split second to a southern sounding accent. Crazy!

We did catch an EVP though! I’m having it analyzed by someone (a professional in EVP) to see if it’s a real EVP we caught. It wouldn’t make sense though that a male voice just popped into the video. Everyone in my home was asleep and Cara’s husband wasn’t home. I cut the video so the clip is only 12 seconds long. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think he’s saying 😛 I assume it’s Erik talking. Uuuuggghhh! I’m so fucking nervous to show you guys these 12 seconds hahahahaha! I’m shaking!


  1. Tiffany says:

    dont be nervous! It’s awesome!! I’ve been to a couple of Jamie’s trance channelings and her guide grace has her walking around the room drink wine with her eyes closed the entire time and never runs in to anything! It’s amazing what happens! Her voice changes and she has a British ascent too! 😁 keep at it!!

  2. Gizmo says:

    I did hear a male’s voice but couldn’t figure out what he said! Can’t wait to hear what it turns out to be. There’s no need to be nervous, you’re actually able to do something that is so rare that most people can’t do it. I wish I was half as gifted as you are 🙂 I hope you’ll post more of your trance channelings in the future.

  3. Cara says:

    When I listened back I hear him repeat ” you wanna SAVOR that ” …. It’s all I can hear lol it was so much fun !!!! And I felt Erik without a single doubt !!!!

  4. Jennie says:

    Yes, I heard him repeat, “You wanna savor it” too! It totally sounds like Erik’s voice when compared to the EPV snippets on Jamie’s videos. I loved watching your latest trance channeling video and hope to see more!

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