Finding the Right Medium for You

Even though I’m a medium, I still like to get readings done for myself by other mediums. For most mediums, it’s difficult to read for yourself. For me, it can be difficult sometimes. It just depends on the subject and how attached I am to the answer. I’ve gotten pretty good at thinning out my filter and not letting my human ego come into play. When I first started channeling, that’s all I focused on. I focused on transcending my ego before I started to actually channel, and I believe this has helped me to have a clearer channel without any influences.

I like to get readings to confirm what I’ve channeled for myself, and to get any messages from my angels and guides that I may be blocking out. I always love getting confirmation on things I’ve channeled myself, and most, if not all, of the time I don’t even have to ask the question. The medium will translate exactly what my guides said to me when I channeled them myself.

I’ve always known that I’ve been many different species. I never really stuck to incarnating in the same place. I am just all over the place, which is something that I’ve been known for my entire life. Nothing is constant with me, and the same goes for my incarnations. My first incarnation was as a Pleiadian, and I always knew that I incarnated as one before in the back of my head. The medium said I was located near Orion.

After I had that reading, a couple of days later I went out onto the roof to look at the stars. I was just staring up, when at the corner of my eye I saw a a blue spark. It was like a twinkle. I heard a male voice come into my head and it said, “this is where you come from.” I followed the blue twinkle and saw that it was near Orion’s Belt. More confirmation for me 🙂

I do enjoy getting readings and having someone else channel my spirit buddy for me. It’s always fun hearing what he has to say through a different filter. Sometimes (well most of the time) mediums won’t pick up on the romantic relationship we have. I never say anything about our relationship during the reading. Mediums will say he loves me like a “soul sister”, which is true in a way. He and I have different layers together. I don’t have many mediums channel him for me because I know I hear him clearly enough and I trust what I channel with him. I have my select few mediums I go to, and what’s funny is that only one of them charges for readings. The other two are close friends that only channel for friends and family, and they are really good. These are the three that picked up on me and my spirit buddy’s romantic relationship without me having to say anything whatsoever.

Finding the right medium takes a minute. It took me a few months to find the right medium for me. Each medium is different in their skills and specialties, so you need to do your research before picking out a medium. What is it you’re looking for? What do you expect from the reading? Then look up the different types of mediums and get an idea for the specific type of medium you’re looking for, and then find a medium that fits that type you need. Is it a clairaudient medium? Clairsentient? Clairvoyant? Claircognizant?

Don’t assume all mediums do the same thing because that isn’t true. We’re not omnipotent just because we’re a medium. That’s not how it works. I firmly believe bad readings happen most of the time because of either miscommunication or the sitter doesn’t understand what a medium is.

It’s just like any other service. You just don’t go to a regular check-up doctor when you need open heart surgery. You don’t just buy a car without doing research on that specific model first. Do your research! Trust me, you’ll have a much better reading that way.

Here is a link that discusses the four main claires: