Follow Your Heart and Fuck the Rest!

I teach a lot about channeling and connecting with spirit, and every once in a while someone will ask me for a reading. I don’t mind it when people ask because with me teaching about it, why not offer it as a service too, right? However, I don’t do readings anymore. Not even as a trade/exchange. Why? Well I simply don’t have a  passion for it anymore, so I stopped. I’ll find another way to make money. I’ll find another passion to focus on.

I’ve always been that way too. Some people call it “flakey”, but I’m happy, so why does it matter what they say? I constantly jump back and forth with what I choose to do as a career because I have so many things I love! I teach this everyday to people: follow your heart. Do what you love and fuck the rest! No, we won’t always get to just focus solely on our passions because sometimes our passions don’t make us money to put on the table. I’m a homeschool teacher and babysitter for my nephews. It’s not a passion of mine, but I do enjoy teaching. I turned a boring babysitting job (at least I viewed it as boring) into something I could enjoy by volunteering to be a homeschool teacher for them. So when you’re out there working a job that you’re not that passionate about, find something about it that you CAN get passionate about. Create or add something to the job to make it worth while. If you absolutely loathe it, then I think it’s time to find a new job hahahaha!

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A lot of you may not know this, but I’ve done many things before I found my passion for channeling and spirituality. I used to be an actress. No, not a big named star or anything, but I used to do student and local films, and I’ve also been an extra on movie sets. I also used to perform in musicals. After doing that for a few years, I stopped. It’s more of a hobby now. I also used to be a model for a local college. I’d help to pose for the photography students in different poses. I learned after a few months that modeling was definitely not a passion of mine. Then I pursued becoming an astronaut, and I went to a summer camp. I quickly learned that I didn’t like that. Then I thought about joining the Air Force and did another summer camp… Nope. Not for me (I have trouble with authority 😉 ). I then pursued becoming a psychologist and studied Psychology for 4 years. I was also a teacher assistant at a high school for troubled teens that were just released from juvenile hall. I’ve done SO many things, and there’s WAY more to that list; however, it’d take all day to go through it. The only thing that seemed to stick was my passion for writing. Throughout all of that “testing out careers”, writing always stayed with me. That is my main passion, and my secondary passion would be channeling and teaching about spirituality.

So you see? If you have many passions, then pursue them! No one is stopping you. Only YOU stop yourself. If you can’t find any, then all the more better! Just start testing shit out hahahahaha! Go for it! What do you got to lose? Choose something or things you’re somewhat interested because come on, there has to be a topic or SOMETHING you’re interested in, even just a little bit, and then put it into a hat (if you have more than one) and then randomly select one. Just DO IT! Because if not, and you keep coming up with excuses (I’ll fail. I don’t have money. blah blah blah) and you’re not happy with your life, sorry to say, but you only have yourself to blame. Only YOU are in charge of your happiness. Nobody else is, and if you think the world is against you on everything you do, then guess what? It will be because you create your own reality.

So buck up and get to it! And remember that a path you choose isn’t permanent. You can always change it and start on a different path. I think a lot of people’s reluctance with choosing what to do with their life is that they feel it’s a permanent choice. Once you choose a major or once you choose to start a certain career, there’s no turning back. That’s bullshit hahaha! You can change it at any given time! So go for it 🙂