Fourth Trance Channeling Practice and My Painting

I had my fourth trance channeling practice last night! I think I’m almost there. Erik has managed to take control of my entire body except from the neck up. We’re taking it step by step. My face started to go numb a bit, but then I lost my patience with waiting hahahaha! He now enters through the left side of my face near my cheek. I can feel the strong vibration from his energy on that spot on my face and it kind of feels cold a bit when he first enters. Erik will tell me step by step what he’s doing: “Okay now I’m going to take control of your arms…. I have your arms now, so I’m going to start with your feet.” This helps me from getting excited because it’s not a surprise what he’ll be doing next.

I have a strong feeling that I’ll be there during my next couple of practice runs. I’m determined to get this! AH! So excited about this 🙂

I made a painting yesterday. A good friend of mine, Cara, channeled my spirit buddy for me. I have such a hard time with our relationship and understanding exactly what we are. He told me to have us think of one another as two seeds growing together. We grow off of one another’s experiences and intertwine together. I decided to draw that image yesterday.


I’m no artist, but I tried 🙂 I like it. I don’t like the whole twin flame thing, so if I had to put a label to it, I’d say we’re primary soul mates. I hope you all have a beautiful day!

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