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Hey everyone! I hope everyone’s week has been going well for them. I started a new quarter at school, and I’m taking an art class! I’ll definitely be sharing my “art work” here with you guys. I’m not much of an artist, but I try my best.

I have a lovely surprise for you guys! I’m going to share a WHOLE CHAPTER from my new book! It’s the second book in the Inhuman series, and I decided to rename it from “Possessed” to “Resurrected”. What do you guys think of the title? My spirit buddy Erik renamed it for me. He says I suck at titles!  This is chapter 4 from the book, and is my favorite chapter thus far. I hope you all enjoy it! Let me know your thoughts and opinions. 


Chapter 4- Consciousness

It felt like a second, and suddenly I was huddled in the corner of my bedroom near the door. I looked at Mark, and his face was riddled with fear and anxiety as he stared at me from across the room. I began to panic. Why was I here? I was just outside a moment ago. I looked at my hands and arms and saw deep scratch marks covering every inch. I looked at Mark. “What’s happening to me?” I was scared of myself, and was hurt at the way Mark was acting so distant. I stood up and took a step towards him, but he backed away from me. My heart fell to my stomach. What was happening? Why was Mark afraid of me? Tears began to run down my face as I looked at my hands. My nails were practically gone, and they were stained with dry blood and dirt. Then I noticed how bony my fingers were, and then my arms. I ran my fingers along my lower arms, and I could feel my bones. I felt my legs, and they were even worse. Mark pointed to the closet. “Go in there, please. I’ll run to get Hania or Cleo.” “W-why though,” I said frantically, “what’s happening, Mark? What happened to me? Why are you so scared?” Mark’s voice became sterner. “Just get into the closet, Annemarie!”

My body was so weak, and I was visibly shaking as I slowly made my way to the closet. With each step I took to the closet, Mark would take a step closer to the bedroom door. Mark kept his back to the wall, and never took his eyes off of me as he opened the door and slowly stepped out of the bedroom. I curled myself up into a ball in the small closet. I felt so exhausted, and I was so hungry that my stomach was hurting. When was the last time I ate? I wrapped my arms around my torso, and I gasped. I could feel my ribs and my pelvic bone. I lifted up my pajama dress, and saw how sunken in my stomach was. I could feel my bones through the thin layer of skin. I gagged at how malnourished I was. I was disgusted at myself.

Mark, Hania, and Cleo came into the bedroom with an older man that I didn’t recognize. I was too embarrassed to show myself to everyone knowing how ghastly I looked. I hid myself behind the clothes in the closet. Hania knelt down beside me, and placed a hand on my knee. “Annemarie, we are here to help. The man we have here is my uncle Steven. He’s a Demonologist and an exorcist. He’s been working with you for the past several weeks.” Several weeks? Hania heard my thoughts, and answered, “you have been out for a couple of months now.” ‘Out’? What do you mean by ‘out’,” I asked. It was quiet for a minute. I was growing impatient. I wanted answers now! “What the hell is going on,” I yelled. “I’m trying to find the right words to say it delicately,” said Hania in her overly calm and soothing voice. “To hell with the right words,” I exclaimed, “I’m dying over here! I blacked out for a couple of months, and then when I come back, everyone is too scared to even come close to me. I think we’re past delicate words here, Hania. We’re long past that.”

Steven took Hania’s place, and knelt down beside me. “Okay, Annemarie. I’m going to put it into terms you’ll understand because I don’t feel like now is the time to go into detail about energy and mental discipline. You’re familiar with the concept of demons, right?” I rolled my eyes and nodded. Duh! Of course I know all about that. Steven continued. “In a nutshell, you’re possessed. You have a demon inside of you right now trying to gain control of your body completely. It doesn’t want to live inside your body so it can walk among Humans. It wants to live inside of you long enough to kill you. You’re not the only one suffering here. Rose and Cassandra are also possessed. Sorry to burst your bubble little girl, but this type of stuff goes after the weak minded, so that means you. I’m working with you to get rid of it.” I scoffed. “It sounds like you’re doing a pretty awful job at it.” Steven chuckled. “Well little missy, you’re not making it easy for me either. You know you can fight this. The only reason why it is staying is because you allow it to.” “You make it sound so easy,” I said, “trust me, I wouldn’t have it here. It’s kind of hard to fight something that takes over your consciousness.” Steven put a hand on my shoulder. “Trust me, it is that easy. You decide on your own that it’ll be that difficult. It’s all about perspective and strong will. Somewhere in your deep subconscious, you want this. Either this is for your own spiritual growth, or it is because you feel like you deserve it. Somewhere you are telling yourself that you want and need this experience.” I rolled my eyes, “oh okay, Sigmund Freud. Thanks for the pep talk.” Steven got a huge grin and turned his attention to the others. “You were right. Her sarcasm is very thick.”

After Steven finished his talk, he and Mark went to the kitchen to make me food. Hania explained to me that Steven use to be a Nutritionist before deciding that his life’s true calling was to help save souls from possession. Steven says that a nutritionist and an exorcist are similar occupations. They both serve to help people cleanse themselves to keep them healthy in the mind, body, and soul. Steven was in his mid-thirties, and reminded me a bit of Mark because of how laid back he was. He had the same dark brown hair color that Hania had. His hair was cut in the Ivy League style, and he had a very prominent jaw line that was covered in a short beard stubble. He was very handsome, and he fit the part of the sexy doctor on a soap opera.

Mark and Steven came back up to the bedroom with a cup full of dark green liquid. Steven put a straw in the cup, and handed it to me. “Now I know this isn’t ideal, but it’s full of much needed nutrients. You’ll get what you need for your body much quicker this way than if you were to eat solid food.” I shivered from disgust as I looked into the cup. “What’s in it?” It smelled like freshly mowed grass, and I tried breathing out of my mouth to keep myself from smelling the awful stench. “Oh just some kale, spinach, almond milk, protein powder, some berries for taste, an algae called Spirulina, and ginger. It’s good for you,” said Steven. “It doesn’t sound good,” I said. Steven chuckled, “you need the nutrients, and the calories. Drink it.” “All I’m saying is that the things that are good for you should at least taste good. It’d make things a whole lot easier,” I said peering inside the cup. Steven chuckled. “That would take the fun out of it then. Just try it. I’m sure you’ll like it.”

I pinched my nose, and took a gulp of the green mystery shake. After I forced it down my throat, I tried breathing out of my mouth, but I could taste it. I immediately started to gag, and some of the green liquid came back up. “Jesus Christ! This stuff is horrible,” I exclaimed, “what the hell is wrong with you!” Everyone in the room started to laugh. “Do you need some water,” asked Mark. “Uh duh!” I exclaimed as I yanked the bottle of water out of Mark’s hand and began chugging it. I could still taste it, and it was making me nauseous. I couldn’t finish the whole cup. There was no way in hell that I was going to drink that whole shake. Hania heard my thoughts and eyed Steven. Steven got the hint that I wasn’t having it from Hania’s look, and said, “or we can just force feed you through a tube.” “No fucking way,” I said. Steven shrugged. “How else will we get you nourished? It’s either this shake or the tube. Your choice.” I glared at him. “Or you can get me something that doesn’t taste like shit.” I shoved the cup of disgustingness at him. He chuckled again. Does this guy even have a temper? It was pissing me off that my attitude had no effect on him.

“Annemarie, you need this,” said Steven in the same overly calm voice that Hania has, “it’s imperative. You need your strength, and this will help. Youwill die if you don’t start taking care of your body. We can’t put it off because we don’t know when you’ll be going out of consciousness again. When that demon takes over again, it’s close to impossible to get you to keep anything down. Just suck it up, and drink it up.” I snatched the cup out of Steven’s grasp. “Fine!” I took a deep breath, and geared myself up mentally for this obstacle. Okay, I can do this. All I need to do is chug it, and then drink lots of water immediately afterwards. Yeah, that’ll work. I had my game plan. I held my breath as I chugged down the green shake. After the green liquid was gone, I grabbed the other water bottle and began to chug down all the water. I was still holding my breath until I felt that the taste in my mouth was gone.

Steven applauded me. “I don’t know whether I should be proud or disappointed. I kind of wanted to use the tube.” “Fuck you,” I mumbled. Steven burst out in laughter. “Oh, Annemarie, you’re starting to grow on me.” Oh great.

I was forced to drink that green liquid for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a couple of days before Steven had me start eating solid foods. I was excited because I thought it’d taste better, but I was wrong. It was nothing but vegetables. Of course he had me eat meat, and that was the only thing I actually enjoyed eating on the plates that he’d give me.

After I started to feel more energized and nourished, I had some questions for Steven. He was sitting across the room by the front door typing away on his laptop. I sat myself up and asked, “Does my mom know about this?” Steven looked up at me and then back at his laptop screen. “No. We decided against telling her because it’d only cause more complications. With the state that you were in, no mother would be able to bare it.” I was starting to get upset. “How the hell did you not tell my mom? Any good doctor would! You can’t keep those things from my mom. I could have died!” Steven smirked. “But I’m not a doctor. I’m a Demonologist. Besides, with your mother here it would have made things worse, and especially if I were to want to do an exorcism. I never allow loved ones inside the room during an exorcism.” Steven had a point. My mother would have fought like hell to be in the same room during any of my exorcisms.

“You’re not you when you’re ‘possessed’.” Steven used air quotes. “And the ‘demonic spirit’ inside you will know all your secrets and past events in your life. It’ll know who your mother is and try to pretend to be you even though you’re possessed and your conscious is knocked out in order to coax her into freeing it from the exorcism. It’ll manipulate your mother just like it did to Mark.” I perked up. “What happened with Mark?” Steven gave a sharp sigh like the mere thought of what happened annoyed him. “No one told me you and Mark’s relationship, so I had him in the room during your first exorcism. The demonic soul was pretending to be you, and it was crying out to Mark begging him to free it from being bound from the chair. It was trying to tell him that you weren’t possessed anymore, and that you loved him and all that jazz. Pretty much it was suckering him into releasing it using manipulative tactics. It’s typical. Mark almost caved in, and he was torn because I told him that it wasn’t really you. Of course the demonic soul would disagree by saying lies like, ‘don’t listen to him. He’s been raping me while you’re gone. Please save me from him.’ Possessions can get pretty nasty, and Roger had to come in to escort Mark out. That’s why we can’t have your mother here.” I could see from Steven’s perspective now. I know my mother, and she’s an enabler. She would have released me in the middle of the night while everyone was asleep, and take me back to North Carolina. Steven was right. It was a good idea that she wasn’t here.

Later on that day I managed to get up out of bed. I was using Steven as a crutch since my body was still sore, and I was dizzy from having lain down for a week straight. We slowly made it down the stairs taking a pause between each step. We made our way outside, and it felt so freeing to feel the sun on my face. I soaked it in, and stared up at the beautiful blue sky. I could hear the breeze rushing through the trees, and the birds chirping in the distance. I took off my shoes to feel the grass in between my toes. A strong breeze came gushing through, and I had let go of Steven to stretch out my arms outwards to feel it. My body was so sensitive to the touch of the wind that it gave me a strong vibration throughout my body. I got goose bumps, and it made me giggle. I had never felt so alive before.

I felt arms wrap around me from behind. I turned to face Mark, and he kissed me on the nose. “You have no idea how happy I am to see you—the real you—up and about.” He kissed me firmly on the lips, and I instantly melted. I pulled him closer to me, and our lips met again. It was like I hadn’t felt his touch in such a long time. I craved it.

Mark grabbed me by the hand, and led me on a walk towards the back of the house. It was past noon, and the open field in the back of the house was empty since everyone had already finished training for the day. We made our way to the newly built house. The front door was still locked, so Mark found a window for us to climb through. The house was still empty with no furniture. The layout was the same as the first house, but instead of wood flooring it was all carpeted and the walls were painted white throughout the home. “Why are we in here,” I asked. “When you were… Out, I spent a lot of alone time in here. It was peaceful to get away from all the chaos. Every time I was in here I began to think about my future. More importantly, I began to think about my future with you,” said Mark. He looked at me and smirked. I was starting to get nervous. What was he getting at? Was he wanting to leave me? I mean I wouldn’t blame him with everything that’s been going on lately.

I decided to be a little more vocal about my worries, and tried to get the conversation to continue because it fell silent for a bit. “What are you trying to say,” I said, “are you questioning us?” Mark furrowed his eyebrows at me. “No, of course not. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.” Mark turned his whole body to face me. He held both my hands in his’ and stared into my eyes. “Seeing you like you were really haunted me.” His eyes were stained with sorrow and pain. “I was so afraid of losing you, and the thought of never being with you again scared the hell out of me.” He smiled lovingly and caressed my cheek. “But it helped me to realize how much I’m in love with you.”

My heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t get my breathing under control and my eyes widened. “You w-what?” “I said I love you,” Mark responded. I didn’t know what to say back or how to react. I was too busy trying to catch my breath. I bent over holding on to my knees for support. “Umm… Well that’s great.” I took another deep breath. “That’s always a nice piece of information to know.” Mark looked concerned. “Are you going to be okay?” I managed to stand back up. “Pssh yeah. I’m totally okay.” I took in a deep breath. “We’re chill. We just all totally chill over here.” Mark tried to meet my gaze, but I kept looking away every time he tried to lock eyes with me. “Are you sure,” he asked. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. “Pfft! Yeah, man. I got this.” “Okay because it looked like you were having a panic attack,” he said. I faced him. “Did it?” My voice was a little too high pitched for my liking. “Because I wasn’t. I was just uh… Doing my breathing exercises, you know. To help with my… Breathing.” I bit my tongue to stop myself from saying another stupid thing.

Mark had an even more confused look on his face. “You were working on your breathing exercises to work on your breathing?” “I would grace your question with a response, but I already decided to stop talking so yeah,” I said. “Why am I getting the feeling that you won’t be saying it back,” asked Mark. I shrugged in response. Mark grabbed me by the shoulders so that I would be forced to face him. “Annemarie, did I scare you? Are you okay? It’s okay if you don’t say it back. Trust me. I just wanted to let you know because it doesn’t matter if you love me back or not. I’ll still feel the same about you regardless.” He reached in to kiss me. I instantly melted, and fell into his embrace. Once our lips parted, I rested my head against his chest. I had calmed myself by then. “It’s just that saying ‘I love you’ is this huge deal. It caught me off guard.” “Well you’re a huge deal to me,” said Mark.

I was pretty sure I loved Mark, but something was keeping me from saying it. I didn’t feel comfortable with it yet, and I didn’t want to have to force it. Maybe after this whole possession thing goes away, I’ll feel more up to taking that next step in our relationship.

I broke away from Mark’s embrace, and we made our way back to the other house. Once we got into the living room, Steven immediately stood up and ran over to me. He got out a tiny flashlight and shined it into my eyes. “Your pupils. They’re dilating,” he said. Mark let go of my hand and looked into my eyes. “I didn’t even notice. Could it happen this quick,” asked Mark. Steven placed the flashlight back into his coat pocket. “Yes. We should get Annemarie back up to the room.” I started to become frantic. “Why? What’s happening?” Steven grabbed me forcefully by the arm, and began to drag me to my room. “Because you’re about to lose consciousness again.”

I was trying to break free from Steven’s grasp, but he had such a firm grip. “Let me go,” I yelled, “I’m going to be fine! I feel fine!” Steven didn’t budge, and we continued up the second flight of stairs on the second floor. “You feel fine now, but you won’t in a minute.” “Just let me go,” I continued to yell. I tried biting Steven’s hand, but he just ignored it. Why was I was upset by Steven taking me to my room? And why was I biting him? This was so unlike me.

That’s when I felt total lost of control. I couldn’t control my own movements anymore, and I couldn’t control what I was saying. It wasn’t me anymore, but I could see everything. Steven went to open the bedroom door, and a deep growl came out of me. Mark looked at me and then at Steven with intense fear. Mark asked, “is she-” Steven interrupted, “Gone? Yes. It’s not her anymore.” I began to scream. It’s me! I’m here! I’m still here! They couldn’t hear me, and what I was screaming in my head wasn’t being vocalized. Another growl came out of me, and something spoke through me. “LET. ME. GO.” It was a deep demented sounding voice. It sounded like it was more than one voice speaking through me at the same time. Steven and Mark looked at me, but they were staring at the thing that was inside me and not the real me. It was like I was trapped inside my own body.


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