Friday Challenge and Past Life Regression

I got two different topics to discuss today, but first I want to talk about my past life regression yesterday. No, I didn’t pay anyone. I did it for free because I’m cheap like that hahahaha! I’ll provide the link to the guided meditation here: Past Life Regression Guided Meditation The video is about 30 minutes long, and you get to see into 3 of your past lives.

First Past Life

I was a woman who lived in the Roman era. Greece? For some reason, I thought of Egypt during the past life regression, but the landscape looked way different than Egypt. I got the year 1207. I was at an open field with the town being in the distance. It was really windy that day, and the tall grass was blowing in the wind. There were trees, but only about 3 or 4, and the grass wasn’t a bright green. It was a yellowish green with a touch of grey, if that makes sense.

I looked down at my feet and I was wearing these sandals with gold colored straps. Then I looked at my outfit, and I was wearing a white silky dress with gold colored straps. I touched my boobs of course hahahaha! Just to make sure I was a girl 😉 I touched my hair, and it was up in this intricate woven braid, and I had gold colored hair pieces in my hair that wrapped around my braid. My hair was a dark brown, and I had dark brown eyes.

I saw a little boy out in the distance running towards me. I grabbed him and held him close. He sat on my lap and he had the brightest blue eyes. He grabbed my face with both his hands and smiled at me. He was about three years old, and I immediately made the connection that he was my nephew from my current lifetime. In this past lifetime, he was my son.

I picked him up, and we walked over to my husband. He was wearing a white toga looking thing, and had that green leaf crown around his head. He was very buff, and he had blonde hair (yellow looking actually), and those bright blue eyes. he was pointing at the town and smiling. He was telling me something, but I couldn’t hear it. I was trying to make the connection on who my husband was and if I knew him this lifetime, but I couldn’t feel anything; however, I know that I know this soul very well.

Then the scenery changed to 20 years later, and I was in my bedroom with my husband. I was very old with greying hair and a wrinkly face. My husband was old too, and he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I was very happy to have grown old with him, and we stared at one another in this tall mirror.

The time changed to earlier in that life when I was pregnant with my son, and my husband came from behind me and held me.

Second Past Life

I’ve done a guided past life regression meditation before back when I was in high school, and all I got was a glimpse of a man wearing a black suit, top hat, a cane, and I was in old England. During this past life regression, I was taken to that lifetime again, and it was the same image again. Same outfit, and this time I was with a woman. Her name was Emily, and she had blonde hair and was wearing a beautiful bluish purple dress. Her hair was tied up into a bun, and when I looked at her, she smiled and blushed. I was 50 years old while she was only in her 20s. The top of my head was balding, so I had that half dome thing going on.

The year was 1917. She and I were walking down a cobblestone street in England. I got a flood of information that I was a wealthy banker, and my name was William. I was a very stingy and angry man. I was kind of a dick hahahahaha! I saw 20 years later, and I died at 70. I saw myself in my casket at my funeral. I looked at my dead body, and thought “man, you look pissed off, even in death.” And then I picked his nose hahahahaha!

I saw my wife sitting there, and she looked middle aged. She was crying and using a tissue to wipe her tears. I came up from behind her and held her. I told her I was sorry for being such a dick to her, and then I left. I couldn’t find any relation to Emily and someone I know this lifetime, but again, I know that I know her.

Third Past Life

This lifetime went waaaaaay back! I was in a tribe in the rain forest somewhere. I looked down at my feet, and they were pretty gross looking hahahaha! Dirty nasty feet from walking barefoot everywhere, and all I was wearing were these flaps of thin leather in front and back of me. Of course I had to grab my dick to make sure I was a dude 😉 Hahahahaha! I was holding a long spear, and I was with my brother. We were hunting down a boar. I made a connection to my brother in that lifetime, and it was Erik.

Then the image changed of us hunting to me killing him. I know, right? That escalated quickly. I had a small dagger made out of stone, and I had him down on the ground, and I was stabbing him. The betrayal and surprise on his face broke my heart. There was blood all over my hands.

It fast forwarded to 20 years later, and I was wearing a lot of animal skins and had a Human skull on top of my head. I was looking at the scenery, and I had destroyed an entire tribe. I think it was my tribe. There were dead men, women, and children all over the dirt floor. I got that the women were raped before being killed, and we would collect all of the tribe’s goods and move on to the next.


As I was coming back from my past lives, Erik greeted me, and also another spirit that I felt I knew but couldn’t make out a name. They were both standing beside me. I was crying at this point, and I kept apologizing to Erik for killing him. He held me and told me that it was okay. He said that it was contracted, and that we both learned something from the experience. I needed to be who I needed to be for everyone involved. He said that there was nothing to be sorry for and that there was nothing to forgive. I cried for a bit, and it was an angry cry, if that makes sense. I was so pissed at my past self hahahaha! But then I let it go.


Friday Challenge

Okay, so your Friday Challenge has to do with free will. When I would give readings, people would assume that what a medium says is set in stone. They take everything that the medium says as fact, but that’s just not true. A lot goes into a reading other than the medium just relaying a message. If you go to a medium or psychic, and they tell you that this or that will happen or this or that won’t happen, then don’t assume that this outcome will for sure happen.


Like I said: nothing is set in stone. There is free will in everything that you do. What is said in a reading about your future could change in an hour after your reading because of the choices you make. Also, the people you come across make their own choices, so that could affect you as well and your future. Don’t think you’re stuck to a certain path or future because you’re not.

Now for this challenge, what I want you to do is manifest. If there is a specific outcome you want or a path you want to go down, manifest it. There are many ways you can manifest things, and I want you to first know that you can do this! You’ve been doing this all your life when you’d set goals and see them through.

Painting: You can manifest by painting or drawing a picture of what you want to happen, and once a week, paint a picture of that goal you want to accomplish or outcome you want. Maybe you add more to it or you change it up a bit.

Post-it note: write your outcome on your post-it note, and put it on your bathroom mirror. Everyday think of that goal or outcome, and say to yourself that it will happen.

Visualization board: Make a collage of the goals in your life and make a beautiful board out of it. You can plan out how you will accomplish your goals

Mediation/visualization: Simply meditate and think on your goals and wanted outcomes. Play out a scenario in your head of how it will happen. Plan out the details. I do this one a lot.

One important note that I’d like to add is to go into this with high vibrations and no anxiety or fear that it won’t happen because then it won’t. You gotta keep your eyes on the prize! You can’t steer off course or you’ll never get there. If you go in with the mindset that you’re at a lack of something, then that makes it hard for the manifestation to happen. Go with the want for something instead of the need. Get it? It takes off the anxiety part. Good luck!

Look at my cute nephew! His name is Joseph, but we call him Jojo or the “cave baby” 🙂

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