Friday Challenge and Second try at Trance Channeling

I don’t remember my dream from last night, which is bothering me. I took a nap yesterday, and had a quick dream!

In the dream my teeth were falling out, but I was the character Andrea from the Walking Dead and I worked as a dental assistant. I was crying on the floor saying, “I can’t smile anymore! I can’t smile!” And the my mom said, “get your ass up off the floor. Nobody is feeling sorry for you. Go get some dentures. Jesus Christ!” This is something my mother would actually say to me.

I tried trance channeling again, and I got even closer! I had the same feelings from yesterday with the head buzzing, eyelids fluttering, heart racing, and numbness in my arms. Then I started to see trees and light, and I knew that’s where I was going to go once I left my body. I felt my guides and angels swarming around me and Erik trying to get himself into my body; however, I wouldn’t leave all the way. I ended up sharing the same body with Erik for a little bit, and I felt smashed up against him hahahaha!

He had control of my arms again, and this time it went all the way up to my shoulders and to my upper chest. He moved my thumb and said “I got it!” I got too excited at that point, which caused for my concentration to break and he lost control of my upper chest area. For several minutes he had my arms though. He and I are taking it step by step, so he’ll gain control of my arms first and work his way through the rest of my body. I’m determined to get it, you guys! It’s gonna happen one of these days, I promise.

Today’s Friday Challenge is doing something new! For me, I’m trying out trance channeling for the first time. Mix up your schedule a bit! Go out to a new restaurant, try out a new recipe, paint, go to the gym, go out to see a show, etc. Just make sure it’s something new! Who knows? Maybe you might like it so much that you make it part of your everyday schedule 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! Please stay safe and I love you.

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  1. Bethany says:

    Hi Heather, I had multiple dreams of my teeth falling out during a time in my life when my work place was being sold and I was getting a new boss, etc. (They were very vivid, I can still remember the feeling of the teeth falling out as I bit down…) I looked it up and the things I read said that it had to do with feeling out of control. Maybe it’s something like that for you too.


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