Friday Challenge: Automatic Writing

Well no more readings! At least not for a while. I’m all booked up until the first week of January, and I start babysitting again on the second week of that month. I wish I could do more, but being a full time student and full time babysitter on top of readings is just too much for me.

In other news, I’m practicing with doing card readings. I like doing them for fun, and I do them for my friends. I think I’m getting pretty good at it. At least from the feedback I’ve been getting, but they could just be lying to make me feel better 😉

For today’s Friday Challenge, I wanna push you. We’re gonna try a type of channeling today, and don’t forget that EVERYONE can channel. You do it everyday without realizing it. We’re just going to work on direct communication today. This type of channeling is called automatic writing.

This is the type of channeling I started out doing in the very beginning, and I think for a lot of people it helps open that door since it’s a physical type of channeling. Some people need to do something that’s more tangible in order to process in their brain that what they’re doing is real and get past the doubt. It really helped me to let go and just trust that the information I was getting was from spirit. Some people may start out with art channeling or using tarot cards. They use something that they can physically touch in order to help with getting messages from spirit.

Step 1: Meditation

It’s all about finding the right meditation that fits for you. Anything that helps to relax you is a form of meditation. It can be exercising, gardening, cleaning, breathing exercises, etc. Once you find the right meditation for you, your mind will begin to relax. This gives you a perfect opportunity to begin to open up for communication. You can do third eye opening meditations (click here for that), or you can do any other type of guided meditation or listen to other types of binaural beats.

Step 2: Be Open to Communication

You have to believe you can do this though or else it will block you off. Don’t build up too high of an expectation either, and be open to the different ways that you could receive contact. Maybe you might feel more intuitively than hear in your head. Or you might get goosebumps, chills, hear sounds, get vivid dreams, etc. Just be open to the different types of contact. You may end up doing something different than automatic writing in the end, or you may start out automatic writing and then switch to doing another type of channeling. Go with what feels the most “right” and resonates with you.

Step 3: Start Automatic Writing

You take out a notebook or piece of paper with a pen or pencil and start asking questions in your head. You can also write out the questions if that helps. Then write down what first comes into your mind. For some people it’s images or symbols, others get phrases and one worded responses, and some get full blown sentences and paragraphs. Some people get nothing but scribbles or end up drawing out images or symbols. If you run out of questions or it gets quiet in your head, don’t stop writing! Don’t stop moving that pen! You’ll lose connection. Instead when quiet moments happen and you don’t want to stop channeling, start writing “I love you” and “thank you” or just start scribbling until you come up with a question or something else pops into your head.

Note: You can type on your computer instead of using a pen and paper; however, I suggest using pen and paper when starting out.

Good luck everyone! Have a great weekend 🙂