Friday Challenge: Being Alone With Your Thoughts

I’ve been in a music mood today! Well I’m always in a music mood, but it’s been a while since I just sat in bed and listened to music for 3 or 4 hours straight. I’ve been to listening Flyleaf’s album Flyleaf from 2005 all day! I’m the type of person who listens to a song or album over and over until I ruin it for myself hahahaha!

Music gets me inspired. Whenever I’m writing a book, I always listen to music because it helps me to get into that groove and stay focused. I had a playlist that I listened to that helped me feel inspired while I was writing Inhuman. I listened to Coldplay’s album Viva la Vida the most while writing my book.

What gets you inspired? Is it music? Food? hahaha! Especially if you’re running so you can eat all the junk food you want later. Is it writing in a planner? Sometimes planning out your “to do” list helps you to stay on track. Your children? What is that gets you inspired everyday?

Today’s Friday Challenge kind of plays into inspiration. Today’s challenge is to be alone with your thoughts. A lot of us are busy working, raising children, or worrying about something else that we don’t give time to be alone with ourselves. Or we spend a lot of time to ourselves, but we never give ourselves time to be quiet with our thoughts. You can meditate and all that and still not listen to your inner thoughts.

This is like another type of meditation, and I call it “racing mind meditation”. Start out with a meditation, and remember that there are many different types of meditations (running, gardening, painting, breathing exercises, cleaning, etc.). Whatever helps you to get into that “zone” and relaxes you is a form of meditation. I want you to think about everything that pops into your head. Let your imagination run wild! Let your thoughts go! A lot of people have trouble with meditating for a reading or visualization or what not because their minds keep on racing. That means you need more time to yourself and to be alone with your thoughts. Allowing for this alone time to your thoughts creates a quieter meditation where you’re not thinking so much. You know how you try to reach that point where you don’t have ANYTHING running through your mind? That’s how you get there.

Giving time to be alone with your thoughts allows you to become more focused. It also allows you to better listen to your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs. By letting all the noise from your head come in, you’re able to satisfy that part of what it means to be Human. Humans’ minds race like crazy! It’s only natural, so let those thoughts flow. Once you satisfy that Human part of yourself, you can start tuning into your inner self better. Sometimes meditating and being alone with your thoughts in that moment can help you to start planning out your life goals and wants. Then you create a step by step plan on how to reach those goals. Then you give yourself some inspiration to jump into your plan! It’s amazing what you can do when you just give yourself some alone time.