Friday Challenge: Being Selfish With Your Energy

A friend of mine painted a picture of Yucka for me! Isn’t she bad ass? She wouldn’t tell my friend what was behind her back, but I know it’s a samurai sword 🙂 What do you guys think? 


I knew it was time to channel when I saw my hummingbird, and my spirit buddy gave me one of his energetic kisses right under my bottom lip. 

Me: Yucka? Are you singing Yucka?

Yucka: (Still singing) La la la la laaaa!

Me: That is just awful. I thought you could sing better than that.

Yucka: I can sing!

Me: Can you sing opera?

Yucka: No!

Me: Darn. I’d like to think that at least my higher self would be able to sing.

Yucka: Shut up!

Me: (I laugh) So how did you like William’s drawing?

Yucka: (places her hands over her heart) Oh I love it! I just love it!

Me: What does the water mean? Or are those clouds?

Yucka: Both!

Me: Okay. What do they mean?

Yucka: They mean that you’re stuck in the clouds. Well we both are (giggles). I love living in the clouds. We both do, but that can be a problem for you since you’re on Earth. You can’t be in the clouds like I am. You’ve always had that problem in every lifetime.

Me: With staying grounded?

Yucka: Yes. You always miss Home.

Me: Then why come back? Tell me, Yucka. Why do you keep wanting to come back?

Yucka: (Giggles) Well at first it was for the experience and to learn. Now it’s more for teaching and helping others. You’re old. We’re old

Me: (I laugh) Most would find that an insult, but I don’t. I love being called old. I hate it when people say “you’re so young! You have your whole life ahead of you, and blah, blah, blah.” I can’t stand that. I’m just like, “I know. Don’t remind me.”

Yucka: (Giggles) You were always one to hurry.

Me: But wasn’t there a lifetime where I enjoyed life and I lived to an old age?

Yucka: Yes. That took a lot of patience for you to learn. It seems you’ve forgotten it this time (laughs loudly).

Me: (Laughs) I know. So the painting also means water?

Yucka: Your element.

Me: My element is water? But the websites say that according to my sign and birthday and all that shit, my element is fire.

Yucka: Do you believe everything that the internet tells you?

Me: No, but I’d assume it’s right if every website I researched said the same exact thing.

Yucka: Your element is water!

Me: Okay, okay. Calm down. Relax. My element is water. Jeeze (I laugh). I still like fire better.

Yucka: You identify with fire this lifetime, but I identify with water.

Me: So that’s the ultimate answer. Does it really matter?

Yucka: (Giggles) No, it doesn’t. I’d say we’re both fire and water.

Me: Sounds good!

Yucka: I like fire too. Like a blade on fire!

Me: Oh my God, yes! I’m awesome.

Yucka: (Laughs) So today’s Friday Challenge. Got any ideas?

Me: Nope! I was thinking something with emotions since I’ve been struggling lately.

Yucka: Emotions? We spoke about taking control over your emotional state.

Me: Yeah, I know.

Yucka: You haven’t been putting that to practice. Do we need to review?

Me: No. I can just read back. I’ve been so bleh lately.

Yucka: I know. It’s the shift that’s happening. Your energy is shifting and you’re getting new information downloaded to you.

Me: Is that what that ringing has been in my right ear?

Yucka: Yes. Your emotional state is now feeling the effects of this energetic shift.

Me: Let’s talk about surviving the energetic shifts then since I’m not the only one being affected by this.

Yucka: Okay! (Claps her hands together) Let’s see… Where do we start? (Paces back and forth) I got it! Relax.

Me: Relax?

Yucka: Yeah! Relax. Just calm yourself. When you feel these energetic shifts coming on and you’re being affected in a way that’s making you angry or sad, then take more time to relax. Move something around in your schedule so that you’re doing less work during this time and more “me” time. That’s the best way to get through these shifts is to meditate, relax, and spend time getting to know yourself. That’s why it was a good thing you took some time off from your readings. You need to spend time with yourself and to also ground yourself. Not everyone needs to take time off of work though. Especially if you can’t because you work at a 9-5 job. I’m just saying to spend less time doing chores and things you don’t like, and spend more time with yourself and being selfish with your energy. Be selfish with your energy! That’s a good one! Now is the time to be selfish with how you choose to spend your energy. This is something you need to work on, Heather.

Me: Uh-oh. You said my name. You never do. I’m in trouble.

Yucka: Yes you are. You need to be more selfish with your time. You do too many favors. You always do this. You set up for a day off, but end up doing readings anyway for people because they ask you to. You can’t save everybody. You have so much love to give and you love everyone. Even those who have hurt you. That is beautiful, but you can’t keep spending so much energy on others. It’s draining you. You can’t save others while you’re dying yourself. Take care of yourself first and then assist others. You will be of better help to them when you’re at your best.

Me: I know, but they always say they need help as soon as possible and that they’re lost and–

Yucka: (Cuts me off) You can’t save everyone, Heather.

Me: But they come to me specifically, and I feel bad if–

Yucka: It’s okay to say no. It’s okay. Refer them to someone else. It is O-KAY to say NO. You don’t owe anyone anything.

Me: I know.

Yucka: You obviously don’t if you keep doing this. No more favors for the rest of the month. Refer them to someone else. If you do one more reading, I will come to kick your ass. Take your time off! Finish the ones you have scheduled, but that’s it! Take a fucking break! You deserve it. People will drain you, and most don’t mean to because they probably don’t know how drained you are. That’s why you speak up! This needs to be a lesson for everyone! Save your energy! Especially during a shift. So today’s Friday Challenge is to relax. No extra work. You can put it off. Take time to do what YOU want to do. That doesn’t sound so hard, now does it?

Me: No.

Yucka: Okay, good! I love you.

Me: I love you too.

Have a beautiful weekend!