Friday Challenge: Discipline

Now for Conversations with my Mama before my post 🙂

It’s quiet, and I’m on my laptop while my mother is doing the dishes. I start giggling, and my mom asks, “what’s so funny?” “My computer… It’s at 69 percent right now,” I said giggling, “get it? 69.” My mother rolled her eyes. “yeah, yeah. REAL funny.” Then I burp really loud. My mother just stares at me as I continue to laugh my ass off. “Jesus, Heather! You’ll never find a man acting like that,” she said. “Why do I need a man,” I asked, “why can’t I be with a woman instead?” My mother laughs. “Oh that’s right. Me and your sisters have a bet that you’ll end up being the lesbian in the family. “Wait… What,” I asked confused.

Now it’s time for the Friday Challenge!!! 

Me: Yucka! Yucka! I can’t think of anything for the Friday Challenge. I ran out of ideas. I’m bone dry.

Yucka: (giggles) Use that head of yours.

Me: Use it for me.

Yucka: (giggles) that’s not how it works, little one.

Me: I’m not little!”

Yucka: you’re so cute!

Me: STOP! Stop saying that! Everyone says that.

Yucka (laughs loudly) Oh but I love it! So… Friday Challenge….

Stays silent as we both think.

Me: Eat a whole large pizza to yourself. Now THAT’S a challenge.

Yucka: Something healthy.

Me: What are you talking about? That is healthy! You got your dairy, meat, veggies, and wheat.

Yucka: (Puts her hands on her hips, and gives me a stern look)

Me: I had two slices this morning.

Yucka: I saw.

Me: It was amazing.

Yucka: Discipline.

Me: what?

Yucka: that’s the Friday Challenge: discipline.

Me: Okay… How do we do that? How can we make that into an exercise?

Yucka: Simple. Take something small like starting to eat something healthy for breakfast everyday or setting up time to meditate, and make sure to do it everyday.

Me: so we’re going beyond Friday.

Yucka: I want the Friday Challenges to be more than just a one day thing. I want it to be something people learn and pick up to use for the rest of their lives. Let the Friday Challenge be like a life lesson giver in a way. I know that there are some who want to have their abilities unlocked and they want to do all these great things and see and hear spirits, but they don’t have the discipline. They’re not taking the time to actually put their energy into it. They only practice once a week, and they say they don’t have time. I don’t have time. I don’t have time. Yes, you do. Even if it is just once a week, it’ll help. Take something small that you want to improve on like meditation, better eating, exercising, and what not and apply that to your life. Make it a PART of your schedule for the day or the week. You’re just half assing it if you don’t ry to at least fit it in your schedule. Think about all the extra time you spend on the Facebook or answering emails. Cut the time you use doing that, and apply that to the new activity that you want to do. Like you for example…

Me: Jesus Christ.

Yucka: You always said you didn’t have time to work out. You’re busy, and you’re not done with work until 9pm at night. You came up with excuses to not work out. You could have done it on the weekends, or you could have done some quick squats and push- ups while the boys played outside (I’m a babysitter for those that don’t know). You could have incorporated it into your schedule, but you didn’t even try. You lacked discipline. You’d start up a work out, and then stop it. You are doing good now though. Instead of driving to work, you bike to work. There’s your workout right there! You incorporated it into your schedule. That’s an example of what I’m talking about. If you say you don’t have time, then make time. If you say you can’t, then you really don’t want it that bad do you? You don’t want to improve that badly on your health or abilities.

Me: That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?

Yucka: No. It’s the truth.

Me: Damn, Yucka! Being tough today, are we?

Yucka: I can be a tough mama too! So I want everyone to think about that one thing they want to accomplish. Make a goal for yourself, and place small steps throughout the week or once week that get you closer to accomplishing that goal. It takes discipline because it’s so easy to just stop doing it. No more excuses!

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  1. Sindhu says:

    I love love love you, Yucka and Heather! You guys give some pretty amazing advices . Thank you for sharing your love <3 🙂

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