Friday Challenge: Friend Appreciation and Grounding

Like my funny picture? hahahaha! Hopefully it made ya laugh 😛

So there’s this guy I know. He’s a pretty awesome guy and I consider him a good friend of mine. Everyday he always messages me to tell me he loves me. Sometimes he’ll message me with a cute picture or something edited and put together. It always brightens my day. He is such a loving guy! His biggest purpose right now is to spread self love, and I think he’s doing a beautiful job at it because he reminds us of our good qualities that we have forgotten about. He supports my blog all of the time, and shares my blog posts and talks about me on his own blog. I love his support and I appreciate it a lot. I always feel bad though because I feel as though I don’t do enough in return. I want to do more for him, so this is my thank you to him.

I asked him what today’s Friday Challenge should be, and he said grounding because there’s an energy shift going on. He said it will help with the shift 🙂

Some grounding exercises:

Walk around barefoot: Go outside and walk around barefoot in the grass or the dirt. Plant your feet firmly into the ground and imagine a red anchor pulling you down to the earth.

Bath time: take a bath!!! This one is my favorite. You can take a simple bubble bath or take a salt bath. Just lying in water to relax is grounding itself. If you want a salt bath, you canuse  bath salts or use some epsom salt.

Go outside: Spend time out in nature. Do an activity outside like painting, meditation, or gardening, etc. Just go outside and get away from your phone, computer, tablet…

Huge a tree: This may sound silly, but seriously go hug a tree. Sit underneath the tree and talk to it if you want and just tell it all your worries.

Of course, there are several different ways to ground yourself, but these are my favorites.

I want to add to that challenge and say to do something nice for someone today. It can be a random stranger, a friend, or relative. Maybe offer to pay for somebody’s groceries or meal. Or give someone a call and let them know how much you love them! You think you guys can handle two challenges today? I know you can!

My good friend (Mikej690) has his own blog, and you can go there by clicking here.