Friday Challenge: Grounding

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! I have my second Reiki attunement tomorrow, and I’m so excited! Be safe everyone and take care <3

For those that don’t know, the following is a channeling I did with my higher self, Yucka.

Me: Yuckaaaa! Yuuuuckaaaaa!

Yucka: Heatherrrrr! (giggles) What do you need me for?

Me: I can’t think of anything for the Friday Challenge for today.

Yucka: (places a finger on her chin) Hmm….

Me: Okay, Yucka. What do you got for me?

Yucka: Grounding.

Me: Grounding?

Yucka: Yes. That is what you were formulating in your mind, right? Well let’s build onto that!

Me: Okay. So what should we do in regards to grounding?

Yucka: Well I want to point out how important it is to ground yourself when working with the metaphysical. You can easily lose track of your path and get your head stuck in the clouds. Grounding yourself is just as important as opening your third eye. Don’t solely focus on channeling spirits. Focus on keeping yourself rooted too. You have to stay balanced because then you’ll be off balanced, and that’ll cause for your channeling to suffer as a result. I want everyone to do a grounding exercise at least once everyday, but I suppose we can stick to just the Friday Challenge for now. But I do want others to start doing this once everyday because it’s incredibly important.

Me: Okay. So what’s the exercise?

Yucka: Simple. Two things. Get away from your electronics for a day. If you can’t manage that then a couple of hours will do. At least once a week, take a day where you are away from electronics completely. Tonight is a full moon. It’ll be a beautiful time to drop that cell phone and go outside on the roof and just look at the moon. Become in touch with nature. Go to a park! Walk a trail in the dirt! Hug a tree! Walk barefoot in the grass. Go have a picnic outside and relax to listen to the birds chirp and the wind. Nature creates such beautiful music. You just have to pay attention to it. (she leans in and tugs on her ear).

Me: Okay. So that’s it?

Yucka: Of course not! There are many things you can do, but the theme here is GOING OUTSIDE! Too many people don’t take the time to appreciate the nature around them. They don’t take the time for themselves really. They’re caught up with Facebook, emails, text messages, and so on. Get away from all that for just a couple of hours and you will feel so refreshed. Here is a grounding meditation you can do. You can do it outside while the moon is out tonight! (Claps her hands excitedly). Oooooh! YES! YES! A meditation outside with the moon!

Me: I’m already planning on doing that after my readings tonight.

Yucka: Good! Stand barefoot out in the grass—

Me: I think I know where you’re going with this. I know this meditation.

Yucka: (Smiles) Yes! Stand outside barefoot in the dirt or grass. You can sit if you want, but make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Then imagine a red light beaming down from your feet to the core of Mother Earth. This red light is—

Me: Like an anchor to hold you down and ground you.

Yucka: Let me complete my own sentences! So yes, like an anchor. Imagine that for a couple of minutes and imagine that red light swirling around your feet.

Me: Coolness. Anything else on the meditation?

Yucka: Nope! I love you, Heather

Me: I love you too.

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