Friday Challenge: Living by the Heart

I bought a bunch of bubble bath stuff yesterday while shopping. I’m getting into taking baths regularly because it helps to ground me, which is what I need the most right now. After shopping, my friend and I ate at the Cheesecake Factory, and oh my God! It was fucking delicious! Just thinking about the food is making my mouth water. We ate some cheesecake, of course, and it was glorious hahaha! I can’t wait to eat there again. 

I’ve been working all morning on my spiritual coaching courses 🙂 I can’t wait to begin teaching! It’s a lot of work to get everything together, but it’s so worth it. Here is a channeling session with my higher self, Yucka.

Yucka: I’ve got an idea! I saw that article you were looking at, and I’ve decided on a Friday Challenge. Well it’s more like a “week long challenge”… Live by your heart.

Me; You mean follow your heart?

Yucka: Sure! That works too! I want you all to follow and listen to your hearts all week. Practice listening to your heart for a whole week and living by it. It will help with you learning to live by FEELING and instead of over thinking.

Me: Great! Everyone shut off your brains!

Yucka: (puts her hands on her hips) No. Not like that. Still think for yourselves, but FEEL more when making decisions because your intuition has already answered before your brain does. Your heart will alert you of someone or a situation. Your brain makes you doubt. This will help with inner peace, happiness, being true to yourself, and channeling! When you follow your heart, a new way of living begins to open up. You become more at peace since you are becoming more one with yourself… Your higher self.

Me: Awesome! So living by the heart for a week. I can dig it.

Yucka: (smiles and winks) I knew you would.