Friday Challenge: Setting Intention and Wolfe Manor Documentary Film

Today’s Friday Challenge was given to me by a friend from the Channeling Erik blog πŸ™‚ it’s such a beautiful idea!

What I want you to do is get out a sheet of paper, and write out where you want to be four months from now. Write out the goals you want to accomplish and desires. Post this paper on the wall in your room or on your bathroom mirror. Everyday I want you to read that list to yourself and then say “I CAN do this!” Think out a plan for yourself. How will you accomplish these goals? What small steps can you take each day to get closer to completing your goals? No procrastinating!

I also encourage drawing out your goals! Create a nice drawing of them! That’s what I will be doing πŸ™‚

I got a new picture of my higher self, Yucka! I had my friend, Guada, do a drawing of my higher self (her specialty), and then I got a message from her, which really resonated with me because the night before I was crying about my insecurities. I don’t think I’m good enough and blah blah blah. It was really good timing that I got this message from Yucka. She’s wearing a bridal gown, which I know why. It symbolizes my newly ignited passions between both Josh and my spirit buddy. Isn’t she just so damn beautiful?


This is my message from Yucka:

Dearest Heather, you and I we always talk but isn’t it always nice when you talk to me with other mediums? Guada over here is channeling me well. You know I love you so much and the route you are taking is coming from the heart, right? So know that it is where you are meant to be and all your hopes and dreams will find its way to you as long as you follow the path that makes you happy, in the presence and embrace those spirits who love you and the family that cares for you. Your skills and talents are much needed and you mustn’t stop just because of setbacks and insecurities. Do not ever doubt yourself and your gut feel because you are blessed to have this gift β€” one that you are utilizing well and are appreciated for. Good luck with your future endeavors and know that I’m always right here with you sweetheart. You know this already, how much i love you, I love us, and how much I will always be there for you no matter what. Stay sweet, loving and caring. Continue to help those who seek it and continue to spread your spirit of joy and peace to those around you. My dear you have grown so much since we last talked about this and I am so proud of you. You are going to do great and it is in your heart to make magic, always remember that. Never stop believing because that is who you are meant to be β€” a believer, a dreamer, a lightwkrker, a mother to all. You are so young but you know so much and you will always be there for the people who need you in whatever form or way, because that is who you are as a person. You never give up on those who need your help and you are such a blessing to them. Enough of the chitter chatter, you can jut call on me anyway to talk some more. I love you baby girl and keep on sharing the love to all. Erik here says hi.


I can hear Yucka giggling πŸ™‚ Have a beautiful weekend everyone, and I love you all so much.

If you want a reading from Guada, you can go to the Channeling Erik Mediums website by clicking here.

Or you can go to Guada’s website by clicking here.

I almost forgot! You can now see the Wolfe Manor Documentary! Here it is!!! I hope you enjoy it, and find it informative πŸ™‚