Friday Challenge: Write a Letter

I hope you enjoyed last week’s Friday Challenge with writing out your goals because we’re going to do more writing today! Yay! Today’s Friday Challenge is to take a problem from a past or current experience. Maybe you have something coming up in the future that you’re anxious about! I want you to write out your emotions that you feel when you think about this experience. Maybe it’s an ex boyfriend that you still have built up resentment towards. Write out every single feeling it is you feel. Be emotionally honest with yourself. I find this to be the hardest part because you’re having to recognize that you’re still holding onto shit you thought you had let go!

Take out a piece of paper and write literally every emotion that comes through you because then you’re identifying how you feel, and then after that you can begin to release it. Remember Yucka’s Friday Challenge on letting go? The first step is realization and then identification. Realize that there’s built up shit, then identify it, and then let go of it. After you have identified how you feel exactly there is an exercise I want you to do

Write a Letter: write a letter to your past self, the person you feel pain or anger towards, or the past experience itself. Release everything you feel. Then burn the letter or crumple it up and throw it in the trash. Doing this little ritual allows for more visual on letting go of the issue.

You can choose to do a guided meditation afterward to help you to release the rest if you need to (you can find many of them for free online like Youtube) or you can choose EFT tapping (again, you can find some online for free). The goal is letting go!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone 🙂 stay safe and I love you!