Friday Challenge: “You’re In My Spot”

I can’t sit still for very long until I get up and start walking around my sister’s house. I have my path etched in stone pretty much. I walk the same path around the house, and then I sit back in my chair by the fireplace/shoe case. The past owners of the house changed the fireplace into shelves to put blankets and shoes since they had toddlers. Good idea, right? Anyway, back to my story. This time when I went circling around the house thinking, I stood next to my chair by the fireplace. That is “Erik’s spot”. He stood there right next to me, and I could feel his energy, and he said, “you’re in my spot.” I immediately thought of the Big Bang Theory. His little comment inspired today’s Friday Challenge 😀

Picture of me and Erik’s spot. Don’t mind the 2 year old cave baby 😛


Today’s Friday Challenge is creating your own universe! 😀 We all can manifest things; although, it’s a lot easier at Home-base. I want you to create your perfect idea of Heaven. It can be a lake, a house, an ocean. Or a floatable house on the ocean or lake! Create a drawing of it, and imagine the entry way to get there. Imagine where you’d meet everyone or their “spot”. Who’s there? What’s there? What does it smell like? What does it sound like? How does it feel? I want you to refer back to this place when you meditate. It always helps to have a destination when you’re meditating, so this’ll help to keep your mind on a goal when trying to make contact. Just tell the spirit that you want to talk to to meet you there!

This is my spot that I go to when I do my readings. I lay on this bed with the pink pillow, Erik sits on the stool, and the spirits that I’m communicating with are standing in the free space. 


This is my favorite universe to go to. I have created a new one, but this use to be the one I always went to. This is Erik handing me a flower. He’s helping me to create one of those flower crowns.



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