God Sends You Angels

I’m finally writing a new blog post! I’ve been busy and dealing with a lot of inner work lately. I felt compelled to write a blog post today. I wanted to talk about how the Universe, Source, God, whichever you wanna call, it sends you angels. What I mean by angels is someone or some thing that comes along during your troubling times to make you smile or laugh. “God” and “angel” are just my terminology, but you may use different words to convey the same meaning 🙂

During my time of being MIA. I was going through a lot of inner work, and I was struggling. I started to cut myself again, which I beat myself up about because I made such great progress. It felt like I relapsed or something. I was so disappointed in myself, so that further plunged me down my dark rabbit hole. But God sends you angels. Maybe it was my guides. Who knows? I don’t think it matters WHO sent the angel to me. It helped me nonetheless.

I was coming home from my parents’ house when my boyfriend’s van broke down right in the middle of the intersection. I was more embarrassed than I was concerned for my safety. Everyone was looking at me! I kept thinking “please start! Please start! Everyone is staring. Please turn on!” It never did, and it slowly rolled across the intersection. It almost made it completely across. There was enough room for cars to cross, and I sat there with the hazards on. I wasn’t strong enough to move the big ass van myself.

Two men pulled over on the side of the road and helped to move my van off to the side. I called my boyfriend, so help was on the way. The two men left, and I sat down waiting for my ride. I kept thinking “great. The icing on the cake. Just fucking great.” I thought about how it’d been a while since I laughed or smiled, and I missed it. I was wishing for some comic relief.

That comic relief came two minutes later. On the other side of the street was a young man in a black truck. He looked to be around my age, and he wore black sunglasses and a black hat that was turned sideways. I liked his fashion sense, and he was listening to some heavy metal music real loud, which I also liked. He looked right at me and gave me a big cheeky smile. I tried to smile back, but I was so emotionally drained that it came off very weak. He pointed at me and turned up his music louder. Then he pretended to hold up a microphone and began lip-syncing. His facial expressions were exaggerated, and he kept pointing at me singing. I couldn’t help but laugh. Even when the light turned green, he kept looking at me singing as he drove off.

I smiled for the first time in weeks, and I even laughed! I took that as God sending me an angel. That young man acting goofy for me helped me in more ways than I can say. Have a great day everyone!


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