Good News!

I’ve got some good news! After this week, I will have 2 months off from babysitting! 😀 That means more time for practicing my trance channeling and my clairaudience. I’m getting braver with my trance channeling, so i think maybe I will upload a video of my last trance channeling session. I channeled Erik (who is the person I’m trance channeling) after my session on Friday, and he said that was the deepest trance I’ve ever been in. I think I’ll be ready soon to do practice runs with people. I want to stick with one person I do my practices with because trying with new people will make me nervous and clam up. This will cause for me to not be relaxed enough for Erik to come in and take control over my body. I need to build up my confidence first! It takes about 20 minutes for him to get control over me, which can be awkward for the other person just sitting there and waiting hahahahaha!

I’m also thinking of posting up my first trance channeling practice session with my coach, Summer Bacon. I didn’t want to at first since some private things were shared, but I feel that those that are wanting to learn can benefit a lot from the exercises that Summer gave me. Maybe I’ll work on editing the audio file so that it’ll just play the parts I feel comfortable with.

I also got some more good news! I’ve seen how the classes have been going so far, and I can manage to do 2 classes at the same time. I know a lot of you wanted to take the beginner’s class, but there wasn’t enough room. I’m opening up another beginner’s class for ya 🙂 and the classes will start November 30, 2015. Yep! It’s shameless plugging time!

You can take a look at the syllabus here: Level I-Beginner’s class syllabus

The price is $60 USD and I’m accepting 12 students only

If you want to enroll for the beginner’s course, fill out this form here:

You will receive your email to the purchase link within 24 hours. Please note that filling out the form doesn’t guarantee you a saved spot until you purchase the class. 

Also, my Level II: Intermediate’s class is available for early enrollment 🙂 Just follow the link here for enrollment: spiritual coaching courses

Okay guys! I love you all and take care <3