Hard at work and Butterflies!!!

I had my domain switched from a WordPress hosted site to a self-hosted site. It was a headache to deal with, and all because I wanted to have an appointment calendar for my readings. I am just that determined. I had a wonderful friend come and help me at my time of need, so now my website is up and running again! And now I can insert plug-ins! Yay! For those that follow me on Twitter or Facebook, if you haven’t already, please sign up to follow my blog. When I switched hosts, it caused for all my subscribers to be deleted, so you’ll need to resubscribe.

I wanted to share a video of this beautiful butterfly that I managed to get up and close with while I was spending time down by the river. A good friend of mine in spirit named Erik promised me he’d get me a butterfly close to me long enough so that I could take a picture. Well he went up and beyond, and I was able to get a video of the butterfly! And I was able to actually touch its wing with my finger <3 Sorry if the video is a little shaky. I am not a professional.