How I Choose a Medium

I like to get readings done too, but I don’t get them done very often. I usually get one when I feel a pull towards it. Most of the time I like to channel myself and like to be guided through my own intuition, but every once in a while I’ll feel a pull towards getting a reading done. It’s nice to have your guides, angels, and loved ones channeled from a different filter. It gives you a different insight, and sometimes it helps bring to light the things I have been blocking.


However, choosing a medium isn’t as simple as you would think. You need to think about which type of medium you need. What kind of reading are you looking for? Each medium has their own set of specialties and skills, so you won’t want to go to a medium that channels only angels and then ask him or her to contact a loved one. It’s the same thing with looking for any other type of service. You wouldn’t go to a family doctor to perform open heart surgery. You’d go to a specialist for that.

On top of finding the right type of medium, I want to choose the medium that resonates with me. Don’t just go booking an appointment with any medium. Go with the one that connects with you and you feel that pull towards. Do you get good vibes from this medium? Is he/she legit? Do they get good reviews/testimonials? What are their beliefs? Take this all into consideration. This will make for a better reading for both you and the medium when you choose the best one that fits to YOU. I’ve been to mediums where they always get fabulous reviews and are considered magnificent, but they were totally off with my reading. This is not to say they are a bad medium. They are just not the right medium for ME.

Why are beliefs important?

Well everyone has beliefs. Yes, even mediums do. We are humans too! A medium’s beliefs, opinions, and ego make up this thing, we like to call, the “filter.” Any and all messages from spirit go through that filter first. What does this mean? It means that some messages from spirit may get translated differently than the original message. Some words may be changed or added, but here’s the thing… EVERY. SINGLE. MEDIUM. HAS. A. FILTER. It doesn’t matter whether they are conscious channeling or trance channeling. There will ALWAYS be some form of filter. Now, for some mediums, their filter may have thinned out or become nearly non-existent, but it’s still there in some form or another. So keep that in mind when getting a message from a medium.

If a medium says something that doesn’t resonate with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a fake or that they can’t channel. It just means that one message was off, maybe the medium is having a hard time connecting to spirit, or maybe you aren’t meant to understand yet. Just drop the information (or save it for later), and move on with your life. You don’t have to take everything a medium says as fact.

So when choosing a medium, make sure to choose the right type of medium, make sure they resonate with you, and only go with the information that resonates with you.

If you’re wanting to get a reading or energy healing done, or if you’re searching for a spiritual or life coach, you can find one on the Channeling Erik Mediums website 🙂