How to: Get Ready to Channel

I’m thinking of allowing a question box on the right hand side so that anyone can ask a question about channeling, spirituality, contacting spirit, etc. I wanted to talk about getting ready to channel. It’s quite alarming that a lot of people don’t properly situate themselves before channeling. They just go! That’s like getting into a car and driving without checking your mirrors or putting on your seatbelt. There are steps that should be taken before channeling. This is to make sure you have a positive experience, and it also helps you clear your mind better so you can become a clearer channel. Here is my step-by-step guide, that I use, when getting ready to channel.

Step 1: Meditation

It’s all about finding the right meditation that fits for you. Anything that helps to relax you is a form of meditation. It can be exercising, gardening, cleaning, breathing exercises, etc. Meditation is essential because it helps to lift up your vibrations, helps to ground you, and helps to clear your mind, which can thin out your filter when channeling. This is the time where you meet spirit half way with your energy since they’re vibrating at a much higher frequency. This enables you to hear, feel, and see better when communicating. Once you find the right meditation for you, your mind will begin to relax. This gives you a perfect opportunity to begin to open up for communication. You can do third eye opening meditations (click here for that), or you can do any other type of guided meditation or listen to other types of binaural beats.

Step 2: Setting up Boundaries

Once you’re in the meditative state, you will want to set up your boundaries or protection. Some people think putting up protection is you subconsiouly allowing in negative contact. I think that’s bullshit. To me, it’s just another label for “setting up boundaries.” Setting up boundaries or protection keeps you from having a “negative” experience with a spirit, freaking yourself out, or encountering an imposter spirit. Usually putting up boundaries helps boost people’s confidence in the fact that who they’re communicating to is the spirit they’ve chosen and they’ll have a positive experience, so they won’t freak themselves out. It makes them feel secure. This is how I set up my boundaries:

  1. Set your intent: Set out the intent that you will have a positive experience. For me, I just say “I will have a positive and clear channel with spirit today. No negativity is allowed or will happen.” Some people, it helps to ask their spirit team or a religious figure of some kind to come in and “keep watch” or be a “bouncer” for you to help you make that intent. Whatever it is that works for you and makes you feel secure, works.
  2. Choosing who to communicate with: You need to be specific with whom you wish to contact because if you say “I want to channel any spirit who is here with me”, that opens the door for anything to come through. If you want to talk to your guides, say, “I wish to speak only to my guides and my angels. No other spirit is allowed in my energetic space.” Think about who or what you wish to communicate with and be firm in that.
  3. Visualize a boundary: For some, you may visualize a bodyguard of some kind or an angel that will help keep you protected or help upkeep your boundary. Others you may put up crystals or light a candle or sage. For me, I just visualize a white line around my room. That white line is my energetic space, and I put the intent that only what I allow will be able to cross that threshold.

Step 2: Be Open to Communication

There are two different parts to this.

Part 1: You have to believe you can do this though or else it will block you off. Don’t build up too high of an expectation either, and be open to the different ways that you could receive contact. Maybe you might feel more intuitively than hear in your head. Or you might get goosebumps, chills, hear sounds, get vivid dreams, etc. Just be open to the different types of contact. You may end up communicating differently than when you first started (i.e. might change from automatic writing to verbal channeling). Go with what feels the most “right” and resonates with you.

Part 2: This is where I ask my spirit team to open me up to communication. I ask for their help in opening up my third eye more and thinning out my filter. I usually feel a tingling in the middle of my forehead during this time. You don’t need to ask your spirit team for help in this (that’s just what I do). Maybe just trusting in the experience and being open is enough for you.

After all this, begin to channel. After you are finished channeling, it is imperative that you close up shop. You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked or leave your doors unlocked when business is closed.

Step 1: Close off Communication

I do this because if I don’t, I will be hearing voices all day in my head. Spirits will be popping in non-stop and asking to come into my energetic space. I’m closed for business. I don’t want to see, hear, or feel another spirit unless I choose to. I ask my spirit team to close off or “shrink” (my fun word I like to use) my third eye. Then I say out loud, “no spirit or any other foreign energy is allowed in my energetic space. No one is allowed in my space at this time. If you are here still, you are not welcomed and you need to leave.” For me, that is enough. For others, you may need to visualize a white line surrounding you or maybe an angel guarding your space. Whatever works for you, is the correct way.

Step 2: Cleanse

This is very important because after communicating with spirit, their residual energy remains. Say you did a reading for a client, their residual energy along with any loved ones remain behind. You want to keep your area fresh and clean. What I do is I set out my crystals and I burn sage. I smudge the sage around all corners of the room I was working in, and then after having the smell stay in the room for 5 minutes, I open my window and let my room air out. I imagine the smoke from the sage and the crystals soaking up the unwanted energy, and when I open the window, the residual energy is pushed into the air outside to be recycled into mother Earth.

Step 3: Ground Yourself

You NEED to ground yourself after communicating with spirit. If not, this can effect your channeling and even interfere with your next reading. There are many different ways to ground yourself. You should ground yourself before and after communicating with spirit.

Some grounding exercises:

Walk around barefoot: Go outside and walk around barefoot in the grass or the dirt. Plant your feet firmly into the ground and imagine a red anchor pulling you down to the earth.

Bath time: take a bath!!! This one is my favorite. You can take a simple bubble bath or take a salt bath. Just lying in water to relax is grounding itself. If you want a salt bath, you canuse  bath salts or use some epsom salt.

Go outside: Spend time out in nature. Do an activity outside like painting, meditation, or gardening, etc. Just go outside and get away from your phone, computer, tablet…

Huge a tree: This may sound silly, but seriously go hug a tree. Sit underneath the tree and talk to it if you want and just tell it all your worries.

Of course, there are several different ways to ground yourself, but these are my favorites.


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