How to Heal Your Past-Self

Did you know that you can heal your past self? Whaaat??? I know! Crazy, right? In life there are those moments where you experienced great pain, heartache, regret, anger, etc. You can help your past-self let go of all that and heal. I do this all the time, and I even had dreams where I’d travel to the future and my future-self would leave a note for me to read to help get me through a rough patch in my life.

How do you accomplish this? First thing is first, you gotta meditate. Meditate however you want to. You can sit there and do breathing exercises, you can go work out, you can do the dishes, you can listen to music, or you can paint. Whatever it is that helps you to relax is a form of meditation. For me, I like to take bubble baths and listen to music. Sometimes I pace around my room while listening to music because I can’t sit still for too long.

After you accomplished getting into a meditative state, I want you to sit or lay down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a moment to let go of expectation and doubt. Think about a time when you were going through a tough time. Say it was five years ago and you were sitting in your room crying. Imagine yourself there in that room standing behind your past-self. Imagine hugging your past-self and telling them that it’ll be okay. Just give your past-self some love. What I usually do is I put my hand to my past-self’s heart chakra, and imagine pink/loving light circling around my past-self. Then I sit there and hug my past-self and say some words of encouragement.

The act of doing this helps you to let go, forgive, and move on. It’s very healing for your present-self to do this because it allows you a moment to pause and reflect on how far you’ve come and to allow you to forgive yourself before letting go. It’s a very releasing experience.

For those that are not visualizers, I suggest writing your past-self a letter in a journal. Think of a specific time in your life where you were struggling or at a huge turning point, and address your letter to that past-self. What would you say? Would you write words of encouragement? Would you give them some loving advice? This too allows for healing and reflection.

Know that you CAN do this because I never thought I could. It never even crossed my mind that this was an option or even plausible, but here is a bit of advice: who is to say what is real and what isn’t? Nobody knows. If it helps you to feel better on the inside, then who the fuck cares! It’s real enough to make you feel, isn’t it? In an infinite universe, anything is possible.

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  1. abby says:

    You are so right! and great practical tips.. I also use the same principle for self love, I imagine my higher self giving me a hug. It works 🙂

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