How to See Auras

Someone asked the following question:

“Why do I see brief glimpses of black shadows? I swear a huge one passed between my husband and I last night, first time it wasn’t in my peripheral. Thank you so much!”


A lot of people see a spirit at some point in their life. It takes a lot of energy for them to be able to lower their vibration enough for us to be able to see them if our clairvoyance isn’t as clear and “open”. It could be that your ability in clairvoyance is starting to open up more and you’re starting to see spirits and energies better. Or it could be that you’re hallucinating hahahahaha! Kidding!

Everyone has the ability to see and communicate with spirit. For me? I have to meditate for an hour in order to be able to see spirit, but sometimes I see them without having to. It’ll be for a split second, but then they go away. It’s been happening more frequently nowadays, and my intuition tells me that it’s because of my clairvoyance getting better 🙂 which is exciting!

How I learned to see spirit is by learning to see auras first. The one thing I struggle with is wanting too much. Having too much want can block. I suggest taking a deep breath and relaxing. Don’t think too much about the end result and what you want. Think more about the technique. I’ve gotten the following techniques from a couple of friends.

  • Look at your hand: This is one that I’ve tried, and it works really well. It takes a couple of minutes. Well… Several minutes for you to see something, but it’s worth it! If it’s a clear day out, I will place my hand up against the sky and stare at it for several minutes, but you can always look at your hand against a white wall as well. I always over think it and think to myself, “what if I have to blink? Will blinking mess it up?” Don’t over think it! Blinking won’t mess up your progress! Usually it starts off with seeing a clear energy around your hand. It’s a faint white glow. Don’t let your excitement ruin your progress though! Take a deep breath, and continue to concentrate.
  • Look in the mirror: Look at yourself in the mirror and focus on the outline of your head. Again, don’t over think it, and stay calm and relaxed.
  • Stare at a white wall or ceiling: Staring at a blank white wall helps too. You can have someone stand there if that’s easier for you and try to see their aura. I usually ask one of my guides or angels to stand against the wall so that I can try to see their aura.
  • Looking in a dark room: At night before you go to bed just keep your eyes open, and stare at the ceiling or the wall. Try to see if you can find sparks of color or orbs. I’ve tried this once, and I saw an orange and blue spark. It looked like an ember.

On a side note: sorry for not posting at all last week. I was out of town camping with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary, and then I was busy planning for the Channeling Erik Tour and studying for finals.