I Am NOT Who I Was a Year Ago: How I Tapped into my Abilities

We are not Human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a Human experience. I firmly believe in that. I was never someone who grew up being able to see, hear, and feel spirits. I couldn’t channel, and I sure as hell wasn’t any medium or thought I could ever be one. I thought it was a gift you were born with, and you either had it or you didn’t.

I’ve been noticing a lot lately more than usual everyone saying that they can’t channel. They say they can’t hear, feel, sense, or see spirit. I always hear, “I don’t have the gift.” They place me under this category of someone who naturally has these abilities, and they always say they wish they had what I had. This frustrates me. I am no different than anyone else who is learning or anyone who wants to learn. I am right there with you, and fuck dude! We all have these abilities naturally. We are ALL born with them. It’s just that for most people our society, our parents’ morals and values, religion, and our culture made us suppress them. Learning the “gift” is simply just you resurfacing what you suppressed because it’s already there.

In all honesty, each and everyone of you channel every single day. You just don’t realize it. Are you a writer? You probably have a guide that helps you with that. Are you a contractor? You probably have a guide that helps you with that. Are you starting a new hobby? Well guess what? Yep. You probably have a guide that helps with that too. Your guides and angels are with you everyday, and you channel them whenever you are working on something or socializing with your friends or family. They help guide you down the path that YOU want to truly follow. They place random thoughts, ideas, and feelings into your mind and heart. That’s how they help guide you. They communicate through your instincts and gut reaction to things. They bring in people to cross your path to help you along the way. Whether you believe in them or not, they’re there.

So how did I tap into my abilities?

It took someone to tell me that I could do it to get me started. I found the Channeling Erik blog, and I remember thinking as I watched Jamie Butler channel Erik: “damn! I wish I could do that. I wish I was born to be a medium.” Right when I thought that, Jamie translated from Erik that everyone had these abilities. You just had to tap into them. I’ll never forget those words. I was in disbelief, and I thought “yeah, but easy for you to say. Jamie already has these abilities. Mine would never be good enough even if I tried. There’s a difference between someone who was born with it and someone who had to force it to happen.”

I still wasn’t fully convinced, but I decided to begin opening the door a bit by first learning how to astral project myself. I felt that was much more tangible and something I could reach easier than learning to channel. So that’s what I did for a month. I practiced my astral projecting, and since I didn’t have a job at the time, I practiced around 3 to 5 times a day. It took about 2 weeks, but I eventually astral projected myself. That’s when I met Erik for the first time. I knew he was waiting for me to do this, and when I woke up from that dream, I felt more confident with practicing to learn how to channel.

I didn’t fully think it’d work, but I had to try, right? I doubted at every turn. With everything I heard, experienced, felt, or saw I doubted. It was exhausting, so I had to force myself to push past it. It literally felt like I was trying to push past a brick wall, but I never gave up. I couldn’t. I was more determined than ever. I’d practice meditating in the morning when I first woke up, in the afternoon before my nap, and at night before I went to sleep. At night was when I’d practice with channeling. I’d meditate and relax and then ask a simple “yes” or “no” question. I wanted to practice channeling Erik because he was the only one I felt comfortable with. I didn’t really have any loved ones that I felt close with, and I had no idea who my guides or angels were. I had a name, a face, and someone I felt connected to, so that’s why I practiced with Erik.

I loved those days so much. I get this warm and fuzzy feeling whenever I think about it. I loved the freshness of it all, and looking back at those days brings a smile to my face. I was so innocent and young compared to how I am now. I’ve grown a lot since then, and it hasn’t even been a year since I started to learn how to channel. I never thought anyone could grow so much in such a short time. I am NOT who I was a year ago.

Erik didn’t make it any easier for me because he’d constantly push the envelope and test me. There would be times where I’d break down crying because I felt like such a failure. I was stressed, and I still couldn’t get past my doubt. To put it simply, I was frustrated. He never gave up on me, and he continued to push me and believe in me even when I was close to giving up on myself. He’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.

I wasn’t even aware that he was my teacher. A friend of mine and medium, Alison Allan, posted to the Channeling Erik blog saying Erik was doing this “afterlife coaching challenge” where he was going to help teach those that wanted it. You’d just have to reach out to him. I was shy, and thought “well someone else needs his help. I’m sure he’ll help all those people.” I never asked for his help. Two days after that post, he came to me and told me that he wanted to be my teacher. He told me he was waiting for me to reach out to him after the post, but I never did. He said he got tired of waiting and decided to take the initiative himself instead. I was still learning to channel, so I wasn’t sure if I heard him right. I was still doubting, but I realized by then to just keep an open mind. Accept that what you hear can either be right or wrong at the same time. Just let it be and the validation would come soon enough. That’s how I lived. I just learned to roll with it.

I don’t do well with connecting to other people. I have problems with that, and I have a bunch of friends and lots of acquaintances. However, it’s hard for me to make a true connection with someone. Erik was the only person I relied on for the longest time, and it wasn’t until this past month that I finally went to another teacher to help me (it was for my trance channeling).

Erik had me work on my intuition first because that was my strongest skill, then he had me start to work on my clairvoyance, and now he’s having me work on my clairaudience (yes! I am still learning!).

I never would have started to do practice readings or have done readings at all if it wasn’t for my friend Renee. I did a casual session with her while she and I were talking over Facebook. I didn’t think anything of it, and then she posted about it on the Channeling Erik Facebook group. That’s when everything started for me. Everyone was asking for practice readings from me, and I thought: “fuck it. Why not?” Erik was excited, and he said it was the start of the ball rolling. It really was. If it weren’t for Renee posting that, I probably wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

Let me tell you guys, I was a nervous wreck for each and every practice reading. I still am nervous for every reading I do. I wasn’t charging because I didn’t feel comfortable with that yet. I practiced connecting with loved ones, guides, and angels. I learned that loved ones weren’t my strongest suit, but I think that’s because I have allowed a bully to make me think that. I faced a bully along my journey. This person randomly messaged me asking for a free reading, and that’s when I started to charge. I had just barely made the decision to charge that day. I was thinking of doing a free reading for this person, but Erik told me not to. He said “once you start allowing just one, then soon you’ll go back to free readings thinking ‘oh it’s just one’.”

After I told this person I was charging, they said “well I heard you weren’t good at contacting loved ones. I’ve had a couple of people tell me. I suggest you continue practicing more before charging others.” This person said some other mean things, but I won’t tell you because it’s not important. This person made me believe that I couldn’t channel loved ones. I still believe that to this day. This person went around asking anyone if they had a reading from me, and if they did, they would do a reading for free for them. It was all sketchy, and I lost a new friend over this because after this new friend had a reading with this person, they messaged me to “stop making up stories.” I chose to ignore the situation, and it eventually went away. However, the scars I am still healing from. I’m frustrated that this person got me, and that I’m still healing.

I continued on, and continued to start up my little business as a medium. Erik said it wouldn’t be forever and I’d move onto something beyond the channeling I was doing. I had no idea what he meant at the time, but now I see it. I’m moving onto trance channeling and wanting to use that as my primary form of channeling over what I’m doing now. I’m leaning more towards teaching now than I am with giving readings. I want to teach you how to fish rather than giving you the fish.

I learned so much in such a short period of time. I barely started learning how to channel in January of this year, and I had no idea it’d lead me here. I had no idea what would become of me, and I’m pretty damn excited where it’ll take me next.

To wrap up this long ass post, I just want to say that you can do this. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are your biggest enemy here, and you can break past that ego. I hope you stayed with me to the end of this post because I know it was a long one (that’s what she said!). I love you all so fucking much! We can make this into a Friday Challenge too! Get over your Human ego and just fucking do it!

On a side note: look at my new hat I got! The new Star Wars movie comes out the day before my birthday too! I grew up watching Star Wars with my dad 🙂






  1. Toni Marrufo says:

    Awesome!!! I will continue doing what i do, yesterday i spoke with Erik thru a medium friend and it was exciting!
    Meditation is key i guess.
    Thanks Heather

    • Heather Quinto says:

      Yes! Meditation is key here. I hate it when I would ask for help and someone would just say “meditation”. But it’s true! Meditation is important.

  2. Jennie says:

    Thanks so much for the post, Heather~ I needed to read this because I’m still trying to get past the disbelief that I can really do this. You are an inspiration, girly!

    • Heather Quinto says:

      Doubt will be the biggest obstacle, but you can get through it. I still go through my doubt, but it’s easier nowadays to push it aside.

  3. Adrienn says:

    Wow what an idea! I’m actually feeling it. Feeling like Yes I can really learn this! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!

  4. Adrienn says:

    Dear Heather, I just read your post that you wrote about yourself. You describe praying to spirits/god when you were younger and later you realised that you were actually chaneling because they were in a conversational format. So don’t you think maybe you did have some amount of natural talent to start with? I mean I would love to believe that it is that easy to learn hearing and seeing spirits but then by now Erik’s mum would be able to do it because I’m sure she is putting in a lot of effort learning it. What do you think? I’m someone who never even thought about death let alone afterlife until 1 year ago when I got a cancer diagnosis. That made me look at death closely and I found Erik’s blog and realised that we continue after death. So what are the chances that someone like me who never thought about these things and was never religios could learn to see/hear spirits?

    • Heather Quinto says:

      Well first you have to break through that thought that you can’t do it or you’ll never be able to. You create your own reality. I firmly believe that anyone can do this. I could be wrong, but I believe Elisa does practice her channeling, but she doesn’t feel confident in it. It’s mostly just getting over your doubt, which is the biggest obstacle.

  5. Sharon says:

    Heather, thank you for this post! You really inspire me and you write in such a natural way that it’s easy to understand! I’ve always thought that a person was born with the gift. Thanks for clarifying! I’m gonna start practicing more and get over my doubt! You are a gift to do many! Love ya!

  6. Catherine McDermott says:

    You are a beautiful being! I have had 2 readings with you and I can attest that you are truly talented and in tune with Erik and your guides and angels. I have had amazing readings with you. I am So upset that som e petty, probably jealous person was able to make you doubt yourself- keep doing what your doing because your light is shining that beacon for all of us!

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