I Volunteer As Tribute!

Here is a second post for today 🙂 This is a channeling I just did with my higher self, Yucka. It’s about my boyfriend, Josh, and how he decided to incarnate as my romantic partner during this lifetime.

Me: Yuuuuucka!

Yucka: yes?

Me: I wanna talk about me and Josh.

Yucka: Again? Okay.

Me: Shut up! I’m curious. So you said he was an angel?

Yucka: No. That was somebody else. A medium. I just confirmed it.

Me: Why is he here?

Yucka: To live a normal life as a normal Human being without tapping into the spiritual side of life too much. He also agreed to come on your behalf.

Me: What do you mean?

Yucka: You were in need of someone to help keep you grounded and somebody to love you while you were here on Earth, and he volunteered.

Me: (I laugh) I volunteer as tribute!

Yucka: (Giggles) Yes, just like that.

Me: Did he shake hands with my spirit buddy?

Yucka: No, but they had an agreement that Josh would come to help care for you because let’s face it, sweetie, you don’t take good care of yourself. You’re so caught up on helping others and caring for others and working to help save the world, that you forget to save yourself first.

Me: That’s true, so he’s just a random spirit that showed up?

Yucka: No. He was a friend of your spirit buddy, and your spirit buddy went out to look for someone that would be a good fit. Someone that you both agreed upon.

Me: Why couldn’t I be with my spirit buddy this lifetime?

Yucka: (Puts her hands on her hips) You know why.

Me: I know. I know. Still would have been nice though.

Yucka: Yes. Well both Josh and your spirit buddy made an agreement. Your spirit buddy actually said, ‘you better take good care of her.’ Josh promised.

Me: Does my spirit buddy help out at all with me and Josh’s relationship?

Yucka: No. He doesn’t interfere at all.

Me: Why not?

Yucka: That’s something you both agreed upon. No interference. It’d just complicate things

Me: I mean for guidance. Like he help Josh with being in a relationship with me. How would that complicate things?

Yucka: Josh wanted to be free to love you in his own way without your spirit buddy’s influence. This is Josh’s first and only lifetime.

Me: He came just for me?

Yucka: Yes and no. He’s been thinking about coming before the Human ascension, but couldn’t find the perfect timing to do so. Then your spirit buddy found him and gave him the perfect opportunity to help indirectly with helping with the human ascension, but he’d still be able to try out and live with a regular human life like he wanted.

Me: How does he help indirectly with the human ascension?

Yucka: By helping you, my dear. You play a crucial role in the Human ascension and will be helping millions. He helps them by helping you to stay grounded, loved, and happy. He makes sure you are taken care of because you sometimes forget.

Me: That’s so sweet.

Yucka: It is.

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