It’s all about Perspective and the Friday Challenge

I was speaking with a friend of mine who happens to be 40 years old. When I told her my age, she was shocked because I acted much more mature than my age. She said with dismay, “you’re only 21?” I groaned and said, “I know! I’m only 21. I still have a ways to go.” The interaction made me laugh because she was saying how she wished she was younger, and I wished I was older. It’s all about perspective my sweet honey buns.

I decided to start something new every Friday where I challenge you to do something that’ll help with your spiritual evolvement. Your first challenge this week is….

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It can be anything! Plant a tree, start exercising, help out another soul… The list goes on and on. Do something beneficial for yourself or for someone else 🙂 make that warmness sparkle and fill you up inside! I love you all, and challenge your friends to our Friday challenges. Let me know what you did for your challenge or what you plan to do in the comments below. Have a beautiful weekend <3



  1. Beth says:

    Funny you mentioned the “doing something for your future”. Just today I started working on my foam roller again. Hurt like heck…but I’m determined. Hugs…..

  2. Sharon Young says:

    Finally started to exercise again ( after like 20 yrs) I’m hoping my future self will feel and look good! Lol!

  3. Melissa Lucas McVicker says:

    I helped out an older lady put some heavy stuff in the trunk of her car. It does feel good to do something nice for someone else.

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