Jesus Sends Me A Devil Chasing Dream

Some of you may not believe in the existence of Jesus, and hey, that’s totally chill. You create your own reality, right? So he doesn’t exist for you. Some may think of him as collective energy. Others think that because I am not part of a religion I shouldn’t believe in Jesus because there’s this stigma about him in some spiritual circles. However, I grew up Catholic, and some of those beliefs are still engrained into my person. They helped shape who I am today. You’re talking about a girl who almost became a nun (Yes, seriously)! I know now that wasn’t the path that was meant for me, and I have left the Catholic faith behind. However, I still have a close relationship with God, Source, The One, whatever you may call it and Jesus.

Okay, so this is going to be a bit of a religious post. Not really, though, but a little bit. I grew up being told that being a medium is evil. That energy healing is the work of the devil and communicating with spirits is a big no-no that’ll land you in Hell. No, I don’t believe in the existence of Hell anymore (for the most part), but there are moments where I begin to question. What if I’m wrong? What if there IS a Hell and I’m going to go there? Then I think, but I’m doing good. I heal others. I bring peace. I teach love. How could that be bad? But the brainwashing is still there (Yes, I said brainwashing. It may not be the word choice for you, but this isn’t your life nor your story, is it?).

Anyway, I saw a post from one of my still devout Christian friends saying “If the devil isn’t chasing you, then you are already doing his bidding. He chases after those that live with Christ because he wants them too. Ask yourself. Are you being chased?” Sounds kind of fear-based, doesn’t it? With a dash of abusive logic. Despite my better judgment, I fell for it. I didn’t let it get to me too much, but there was this nagging feeling in the back of my head saying, “The devil isn’t chasing you! You’re going to Hell!”

I sat on that feeling for a week or two, and I asked my angels for guidance. I asked them to help me see if this was true or not. Was anything I believed in real? Or was the Catholic faith right all along? Or perhaps none of us are right… Or wrong? That night, I had a dream. It had been a while since I had a Jesus dream, but in this dream I was being chased by a dragon/snake looking being. Fire was coming out of his giant nostrils, and he could fly in the air. I could smell the sulfur and the burning flesh that followed behind wherever he went.

I jumped up onto a tree, and Jesus was there to my immediate left with his hand reached out to me. He had glowing light all around him and wore a long white robe. He had his long brown hair and beard. I reached out my hand and he pulled me up towards him just in time before the devil could snatch me with its mouth. I hugged him real close, and I felt warm and safe. The unconditional love I felt sent tears down my face, and I felt like I was about to explode from it all.

He let go of me and stared into my eyes. “There,” he said. “I have sent you the devil to come chase after you. Now you cannot doubt that what you are doing is the right path.” Relief flowed through me, and I nearly fell to my knees crying. I thanked him over and over again for giving me guidance. “You came here for a reason,” he said. “Do not forget it. You came here to teach and to love. Go where your heart takes you because that is the right path.” He put his hand to my heart and said, “This will never lead you astray from me. As long as you follow this right here. I am a part of you as you all are a part of me. We are all One, as you say. I am in your heart, so when you follow it, it cannot be wrong.”

I thanked him again, and when I woke up, I still had tears running down my face.

The universe provides, you guys 🙂 Have an amazing day and I love you all! <3

My favorite photo of Jesus. He does have a sense of humor:


  1. Daggi Lamaletie says:

    Heather, as always, you’re a fascinating soul!! Thank you so much for sharing this as I have also left the church and now and again have serious doubts. Luckily they are short lived moment!! Hugs!!

    • Heather Quinto says:

      I’m glad it could help 🙂 It can be tough breaking out of those past beliefs, huh?

  2. Jackue orszulsk says:

    E cellent heather! He was reAl and us. Brought to us as a soecial human do we could underdtand pure live and Gid.
    He was tge greatest prophet, hesler, and miraculous human.
    He truly treated others ss he would wAnt to be treAted. He never faltered when treTed bsdly. A true master. When we follow s meditation by a tfuly living oerson we can feel hus live which us di string it makes us weep.
    Thsnk Gid fir live. I had a messGe one night that dimply said every time we experience live we meet Gid!
    Kerp in mind all yhe msny tupes of love

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