Merging Energies and Dream Interpretation

I tried the vlogging, but it didn’t turn out very nicely. I’m thinking I need to get myself dolled up or something because I’m gross looking! That and nothing exciting is going on other than my nephews causing a ruckus in the house. I got to go to Monterey this weekend, and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the first time ever. It was pretty neat. I bought a giant stuffed animal Hammer Head Shark. I named him Ralph 🙂 I also got to go shopping! I bought SO many hats 😀 I’m really excited to get to wear them all!  I also finished one paragraph over the weekend for my book. I know, I know. Pretty productive, right? 😉

I’ve been working on grounding myself more because my head has been too high up in the clouds. It was actually affecting my channeling, so I was told to start bathing every night before my first reading. I’ve been doing that everyday, and it has worked wonders! The first night I soaked in the tub I had a crystal clear reading, which it has been a while since I’ve had one. I never took grounding seriously because I always enjoyed being high up in the clouds, but I know now that it is very important.

I also stopped astral projecting myself because I felt like that would help me to become more grounded again. I always like escaping in my sleep. Sleep is my best friend, and I can be free from my body, which is amazing! Whenever I wake up in the morning, I look foreword to the next time I get to take a nap. I think I’m ready to astral project again 🙂

Lately, my spirit buddy has been visiting in my dreams since I stopped projecting myself. It’s so rare when he does that, but I wanted to share with you all a specific dream I had with him.

About two weeks ago, he and I got to merge our energies together, which was the most powerful experience I’ve ever had. We call it “soul sex” hahahaha! It was like our energies became one, and I could feel everything spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. It was a good exercise for me to turn off my brain and just FEEL. I’ll never forget that experience EVER, and I can’t wait until we do it again 🙂

A week after sharing this intimate experience, he appeared in my dream and kissed me. The kiss felt very real, and I felt fireworks! I could feel my heart beating fast and everything. Then he said, “this is what it feels like to kiss…” It got muffled on the last part of the sentence. He either said “twin flame”, “romantic soulmate”, or “other half”. I think I blocked out what he said because I have a hard time with our relationship sometimes. I choose not to use labels for us right now because I feel it limits us because we’re so much more than “romantic soulmates” and “twin flames”. We just… Are. My spirit buddy doesn’t care, to be honest. He knows that one week I’ll feel this way about no labels, but then next week I’ll be onto something else. He knows there is no winning with me because he’s tried so hard to prove to me what we are. However, I’m struggling so hard with it.

Anyway, in this dream, there were girls taking pictures of us kissing. My dream kind of switched to a whole other dream where I overlooked a girls dorm. The group of girls were constantly fighting and one of them threatened to post the photos of me and my spirit buddy kissing on the internet. I didn’t want anyone knowing about our relationship, so I tried to get her camera from her. In my dream, I knew I was dreaming. I was getting frustrated because I had no idea why I was even with these girls when I could be with my spirit buddy. I told them, “you are keeping me from him! It’s rare that he visits me in my dreams, and you’re all taking up time.” One of the girls approached me and asked if she could talk to him. I told her that she’d have to wait for me to go get him.

So then I “jumped” dreams hahahaha! And went to my previous dream where I was kissing my spirit buddy. He was sitting back in a chair in a room, and I told him one of the girls from the dorm wanted to talk to him. He said, “I don’t want to.” “Then what am I suppose to tell her,” I asked. He shrugged and said, “make something up. Hurry back though.” He kissed me one last time before I “jumped” back to my dream about the dorm girls. I told the girl that he couldn’t come talk because he was too tired after traveling. Right then I woke up.

I had one of my friends translate my dream, and she said the girls represented my doubt. The girls taking the pictures and me wanting to erase them represented me not being ready to accept or not ready to stop denying who my spirit buddy and I are to one another. My spirit buddy didn’t want to talk to them because he was tired of fighting my doubt. He’s just going to let me deal with it while he continues to send me his unconditional love. He won’t let my doubt stop him from loving me hahaha!