My Character Inspirations in Inhuman

I wrote out an outline for Resurrected, which is the second book in the Inhuman series. I’m excited for this book now that I have all my ideas written out and organized. The second book takes a huge turn, and I think a lot of that has to do with my change in beliefs. It’s good change, and I think you’ll all be shocked of what will happen because I know I was just writing about it! I’d type up a chapter and think, “woah, wait… What? Where did that come from?” I know my guides are helping me write my book, especially my writing guide Voltaire and also my spirit buddy. I’m excited for the changes in the book because it’s completely different to how I originally wrote it when I was fifteen.

I wanted to take some time to share with you the inspirations of the characters in my story 🙂 A lot of them represent people from my life and my guides. At the time I had no idea I was channeling my guides when I wrote my book.

Annemarie-me in my teen years

Mark-mixture of one of my ex boyfriends, my dream guy, and I also channeled my spirit buddy for this character (check out my memoir about my ex Mike)

Annemarie’s father-I used a lot of the same lectures that my father use to give me, and really tapped into the fear I felt towards my father since he’s the disciplinarian in the family. However, my father never beat me. I added that part in later on when I rewrote this book when I was 20 because I wanted to find a way to get rid of her parents without having her runaway. The book was originally titled The Runaways back when I was 15.

Annemarie’s mother-some aspects of my own mother, but also aspects of myself in my young adult years

Aaron-one of my ex boyfriends (check out my memoirs about my ex William)

Chelsea-someone who use to be a friend, but she betrayed my trust (see my memoirs about Kayla)

Mike-a mixture of my guy friends from high school

Cassandra-One of my guides. She’s very hyper.

Cleo-an old friend from a chat site

Hania-my higher self, Yucka

Michael-Archangel Michael

Peter-An angel in heaven, who was the first pope of the Catholic church and one of Jesus’s disciples. In the Catholic faith, he holds the key to the gates and is the one who carries around the book of names of who gets into Heaven.

Jessica-a girl from my high school

Roger and Derek-both are represented by a friend from a chat site

Tanya-represented by both a friend from my high school and one of my guides

Rebecca-a girl from my high school

Jennifer-on of my guides named Michelle

Lilith-a demon from the Catholic faith who also is in the Jewish faith.

Tannin-someone I met over a chat site who was very sketchy

Other Inhumans in the story-all aspects of people I met through the chat site

By the way, my experience with this chat site is what inspired me to write the book series, Inhuman. I have yet to write about that experience because I’m not ready yet to reveal what happened. I’m not entirely sure what happened myself hahaha! I hope you enjoyed reading about my inspirations behind each character! Be careful around a writer you guys, you never know if you’ll end up in one of their stories as a bad guy 😉

In my next book, I have some new characters coming in and I use my guide Daniel to represent one of them. Also, there will be another new character named Steven that will be represented by one of my other male guides, and a third new character that I channeled my spirit buddy for.