My Editing Process

Well I finally finished it! I finally finished my manuscript for Resurrected. I finished my last sentence around 10:30pm last night. I had been working like crazy on it! I even put my homework aside, and it was worth it. My book isn’t ready for publishing just yet though. We still need to go through the editing process. My process may be different than most because I don’t have a lot of money to pay for an editor, so it’s a bit broken up.

There’s more to the editing process than just checking for grammar and misspelled words. I like to get developmental editing done, which is when an editor goes in and writes detailed comments/editing on character development and motivation, plot revisions, any plot holes, believability (as believable as a fantasy novel can get), flow, consistency, clarity, my strengths and weaknesses, suggestions for improvement, etc. I do developmental editing first because I need a separate set of eyes to look over my book and see what I can’t see. There may be a major plot hole I’m not seeing or a lack of personality in a character that I failed to write out well. I know my story, but no one else does. They only see what I write, so I may not write out completely what I have in mind assuming the reader may understand. A developmental editor helps with that. It helps to shape my manuscript better. A developmental editor is the most expensive one for me. It typically costs anywhere from $600 to $1000 for my length of book.

After developmental editing, I pay for copy editing. This is where the editor goes through and checks grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style. They check for consistency of mechanics and for internal consistency of facts. If I keep using a certain word over and over, they’ll give me suggestions for synonyms to use instead.

After copy editing, I get proofreading done. This is similar to copy editing, but it strictly goes over grammar and spelling only. You need to go over and edit your book several times. It can takes months, maybe even years for some writers.

After I’m done paying for editing, I’ll find two different people to read over my book and tell me what they think about it. These two people will be friends that read it for free, and then tell me their thoughts. They can make note of any grammar or misspelled words for me or give me suggestions on improvement. Then I go over and edit my manuscript twice myself before publishing it.

It’s a long process, so I’ll keep you guys up to date on everything. Today I’m going over my book to edit it for any obvious grammar and spelling errors before I submit it to an editor.