My Experience at the Channeling Erik Weekend

I went to the Channeling Erik Weekend of Fucking Enlightenment! It was worth every penny to go. I didn’t take many pictures because I wanted to live in the moment, but I highly suggest saving up for the next one! I know I will! The entire weekend was a test on my channeling and getting over my doubt. It’s a long post, so I decided to break it up into parts lol

The Day I arrived

I arrived at 6:00pm in Los Angeles on Friday, and I waited an hour and a half for a shuttle that never showed up. This shuttle was suppose to take me to my hotel, and I called twice, but no show. I heard Erik saying “take a taxi. Take a taxi.” I kept thinking, “no. I’m not channeling. I’m not hearing that right.” Over and over I kept hearing to take a taxi. Finally I decided to take the taxi, and I finally made it to the hotel.

I was one of the first people to show up, and I felt so alone in a big hotel room by myself. This was my first time traveling alone without someone with me. It was my first time checking into a hotel on my own! I felt like an official adult! hahahahaha! I kept hearing from Erik, “go downstairs. Go eat. Someone is there. Go downstairs.” Still I wouldn’t listen and kept thinking I wasn’t channeling right. I went downstairs to the restaurant, and I saw that Erik’s family was there!

Of course, being socially awkward, I avoided them. I figured the last thing they wanted was to be bothered during their family time, so I ate at the bar by myself feeling awkward as fuck eating alone. Erik was laughing at me because I was being so quiet and shy. I left back up to my room and saw that someone who was sitting with Elisa at the restaurant invited me to sit and chat with them. My original plan was just to sit alone all night and channel Erik in my hotel room. I forced myself to go out and socialize. I was a nervous wreck talking to people and trying to be sociable. My father always taught me to act like I’ve been there, so I did just that.

The Channeling Erik Event

The next day was the Channeling Erik event, and it was an all day event that started at 9:00am. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. I was way too excited, so I spent hours pacing back and forth in my hotel room channeling Erik. Even when I finally forced myself to lay down in bed, I kept tossing and turning. I felt so weird being in a big empty hotel room all by myself. I wasn’t afraid. Just uncomfortable.

The event was the greatest experience ever! I took some notes for my online class, so I can teach others the same concepts, but in my own style ๐Ÿ˜› There was a lot I learned on meditation, and I loved the channeling exercise. I spoke with my childhood friend who transitioned back in 2008.

Jamie Butler, who hosted the event and channeled Erik, had us practice with the simple “yes” and “no” questions when channeling. She had us imagine what our “yes” and “no” would look like, sound like, and feel like. My “yes” was a giant fuzzy red monster hahahahaha! It had eyes on the E and would hug you when the answer was “yes”. My “no” was made of metal and would change into a transformer, and then he’d wag his finger at you if the answer was “no”. I know, very creative.

I ended up having to separate myself from everyone during the lunch break because there were just too many people, and I was beginning to vibrate like crazy from all the energy. I was becoming overwhelmed, so I went away to breathe and then came back.

I got to meet others from the Channeling Erik blog, and I loved it! I found myself breaking out of my shell little by little, and I realized how much people believed in my channeling. It made me feel like I need to start believing in myself too. I decided to test my channeling and go with the first thing I heard. If I was told to go downstairs, then I did. Every time I would listen, a good outcome would come from it. For instance, I’d meet someone downstairs if I listened.

I ended up drinking that weekend, and having fun with the girls and Erik’s younger brother. After the main trance channeling event, we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and then I went back to my hotel room to channel Erik for a couple of hours before going to bed.

The Trance Channeling Event

The trance channeling event was awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ This is where Jamie allows for Erik to take control over her body, which is something I’m learning right now. I got to ask my question about what’s going on with my heart, and it turns out it’s a nerve problem. I was advised to document whenever I’d get my sharp chest pains, and then go see my doctor about it.

The big thing everyone gets excited about is the hug from Erik. He goes around the room to hug everyone, and I was the last person he hugged. Of course it was because I decided to sit in the back corner of the room hahahahaha! With me he was silent. He didn’t say a word during the hug. He didn’t need to either because we already speak so much.

At first I was disappointed because I couldn’t feel anything, and I couldn’t understand why. I couldn’t feel his energy. I couldn’t even feel Jamie’s body when I hugged him. It didn’t matter how hard I squeezed, it felt like I was hugging nothing. Like air. I couldn’t even feel my own body, and then I saw a part of me watching this hug happen. I was standing outside my body watching this. It literally felt like time had stopped. After that hug, I didn’t come back into my body until the next day after going to the beach and walking around barefoot in the sand. I had an out of body experience, and I felt numb all over. I felt like I was gone. I was on autopilot, and a part of me was floating around somewhere. I felt disappointed because I was expecting to feel something when nothing happened, but actually something DID happen.

I decided to trust my channeling, and Erik said that the energy was way too intense for my body, so I left. I went to a friend of mine later who confirmed what I channeled. I got an astral projection out of the hug hahahahaha! How great is that! Slowly as I came back, I began to feel the energetic effects from the hug, and I was overwhelmed by the time I was on my flight home. The energy was very intense!

The Day After

I left on Sunday, and my flight got changed from 9:00am to 4:00pm. I was pissed off at first, but Erik said it was for a reason. I decided to trust my channeling, and relaxed. The next day was even better because I got to hang out with a couple of women from the blog. We went out for breakfast and got to go to the beach. I realized then that the reason I stayed was to go to the beach and ground myself back to the Earth after my out of body experience. Also, it was to enjoy the beach itself and the company of my new friends ๐Ÿ™‚

After the beach, we were walking back, and I found a store called Heather’s Flowers. I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to go inside, and I even heard “go inside. I have something for you.” So I trusted my channeling and went into the flower shop. Inside were these purple orchids, which are my favorite, and there was a pink butterfly on the stem. I knew instantly it was for me. I also heard “this is it” when I looked at the orchids. I couldn’t buy it and take it with me on the plane, so I took a picture of it instead.

Here are the few pictures I took. It’s so weird, it won’t let me post the picture of the orchid. Must be for a reason!

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