My First Successful Trance Channeling Session

I fucking did it you guys! I successfully trance channeled Erik! I told you I’d get it, and I did. It took a total of 8 practices. It wasn’t at all like I expected it to be, and I’m so excited at this point! I can barely sit still to type this up!

I trance channeled him during my coaching session with Summer Bacon. She is a trance channeling coach, and she is phenomenal! She had me first do an exercise where I allowed Erik to come into my body, and I sit there to feel what that’s like. Then she had me do an exercise where I’d imagine myself being surrounded by light, love, inspiration, and truth. After that, we had Erik practice with having control over my my jaw, lips, tongue, and face. He got control of my neck and arms early on in the coaching session.

Our final exercise was just having Erik speak through me. I just had to say whatever came into my mind and just speak freely. The words didn’t have to make sense at all. The act of doing this helped me to surrender and let go, and that’s when Erik took over. I was still very much present while he was speak through me; however, with each passing second and each passing word, I was slowly becoming disengaged from my body. I was slowly drifting away, and it was like I was watching this conversation take place; however, I didn’t have any control over it.

I couldn’t feel anything either. I couldn’t feel it when he moved my face, hands, or head. I couldn’t feel the facial expressions he made. I was just in the same space as him as he did his thing. It’s hard to explain. When he first started to speak, I felt somewhat heavy but light at the same time. Then slowly I began to feel nothing like I disconnected from my body, but I was still aware of what was happening. When I came back, I forgot completely about what was said. Even though I was watching this happen, I couldn’t remember what he said.

I know you all would just love to hear me trance channel him (the session was recorded as an audio file, so you can’t see me), but I don’t feel comfortable with that just yet. He spoke about his mom, and it sounded like he was beginning to cry when he spoke about how much he loves her. I don’t feel comfortable sharing it because I’m not confident just yet and he also shared some intimate stuff that I don’t want people knowing about.

When I listen to the audio, I heard how my voice changed. It got a little lower in tone, and my personality completely changed. I wasn’t saying “um” or “so” like I always do. I wasn’t giggling either. I could feel it was him because it just didn’t sound like me at all! I sounded different.

If you’re interested in getting coached in trance channeling, here is Summer’s website: