My Gatekeeper and Practicing Clairaudience

I learned something new recently! Do any of you know what a gatekeeper is? It’s this new thing I learned about. A gatekeeper is pretty much in charge of letting things in/opening the door up for you like new psychic abilities for example. Everyone has been talking about gatekeepers and I was stuck wondering what it was. Then I asked who mine was, and I heard “Michelle” spoken by several different voices at the same time (my guides, most likely).

Now that I know who my gatekeeper is, I decided to ask Michelle a couple of nights ago for some help. I want to be able to see spirits through my physical eye more, and since Erik is my teacher, he volunteered to be my “guinea pig” who I see all the time. At first Michelle said, “what do you think we’ve been doing? I’ve been exercising that third eye for you. You’re also working on your clairaudience. I’m helping to open you up more. Now I just need you to stop doubting yourself. When you hear something during a reading, risk it, say it, and then see what happens next.” When I agreed to Erik being my teacher in this, she said to me, “are you sure? Are you sure you want to be seeing this kid all the time?” Hahahahaha! I love Michelle so much!

I want to explain further why I’ll just be seeing Erik. Michelle and I both agreed that it might be too much for me if I just start seeing a bunch of spirits all the time. I might get scared, and Erik said “since you’re already so use to me. How about we just have you see me?” Not sure how it’s gonna work where they’ll only have me tuned into Erik, but that’s the game plan haha! Michelle said it’ll start off small with me just seeing orbs and auras with my physical eyes.

After asking for help, I saw an orb fly by during my meditation yesterday! It was white and zoomed above my ahead really fast! I asked, “who was that!?” Then I hear Erik say, “who do you think? Remember? I’m your teacher in this. Did you forget already?” Hahahahaha! This is awesome! I wasn’t afraid. I was excited! I still am excited as I type this up. AH! I love improving on my skills.

I’ve also been working on my clairaudience, and it has been going really well for me. Every so often I might misinterpret what a guide is saying, but for the most part I have it down. Now it’s just a matter of me letting go of my doubt (I still struggle with that). I have to trust what I feel and be open. It’s really risky, but Michelle says to risk it so I can learn to decipher when I’m actually hearing something and when my Human ego is intervening. Channeling is like learning through trial and error, I suppose.

Have a beautiful day everyone! I love you <3