My New Planner and my Past Life Dream

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend! I know I had a fun and relaxed weekend. I went mini golfing with Josh and my friend from Germany. She left back to Germany on Sunday though. I took a bubble bath with my new bath stuff I got from Bath and Body Works! It was amazing and relaxing 😀 I also got a new planner for myself, and it’s a Walking Dead theme! I’m so fucking excited! How sad hahahaha I get excited over a planner. Am I that boring?

Writing in my Walking Dead planner while watching Fear the Walking Dead

Writing in my Walking Dead planner while watching Fear the Walking Dead

Isn't Daryl just gorgeous?

Isn’t Daryl just gorgeous?

I had an amazing dream last night. I had asked my spirit buddy to show me a past life we had together, but he didn’t tell me anything or show me anything while I was channeling him. I thought “oh well”, but when I went to bed, I had a dream about one!

I’m not completely sure of the time frame, but I was wearing a big victorian dress. I was blonde haired with blue eyes, and my hair was perfectly curly. I’m thinking we were wealthy because we lived in the most beautiful palace, and I wore the most elegant dresses. What was so vivid was that while we were in the carriage, I got to see the way my spirit buddy looked at me. He looked totally different than he does now! He had black hair, side burns, and a somewhat big pointed nose. He was wearing a black suit with a high collar. The way he looked at me was of pure love. I looked at my past self and she was blushing and waving her hand fan in front of her face.

However, there was a problem. We couldn’t really be together. I’m not sure why though. We had to sneak off to be with one another, and I remember we got caught together. My family was a wealthy family, and they made my spirit buddy look like the bad guy for wanting to be with me.

The last time we got together and were ripped from one another, he gave me a coin. The middle of the coin was made up of Amethyst, and someone carved a crest on it. Then around the amethyst was silver. My spirit buddy told me, “this is for protection. This coin will help to keep your soul safe. It will keep YOU safe from anything bad.” I got the feeling that in my life today I still have this coin, but in spirit. And this coin still protects me to this day.

Have a wonderful day everyone! *muah*