My Painting and Soul Layers

Happy Monday everyone! I got my painting from Cara on Saturday. I was stalking the mail man, and losing my patience with every second. It finally arrived! And I got a beautiful letter from Cara about her inspiration <3 Someone said that the painting says, “no matter what world we’re in, our souls will always connect.” Isn’t that beautiful? I’ll show it facing upside down because that’s where Cara got her “BAM!” moment, and finally figured out what my spirit buddy was trying to show her and tell her through the images. Maybe you will all see it too 🙂 The tree in the picture reminds me of Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas hahaha! That’s always been my favorite type of tree, and I get flashbacks of a past life with my spirit buddy whenever I look at it.

The image I see when I look at the tree is me and my spirit buddy sitting underneath the tree laughing. I don’t look like me though. I look different, but I just see him laughing. We grew up as childhood friends in that lifetime, and we always went to hang out and talk at that tree. Then one day, he kissed me and that’s what started it all. Souls can have more than one type of relationship with another soul because we live so many lifetimes. That was the first moment we became romantic soul mates. I look at it as having layers. You have many layers to yourself, and relationships are much more complex in the afterlife. There’s a layer where I think of my spirit buddy as a brother, a best friend, a teacher, and a romantic partner. It may sound weird, but love is love and it’s beautiful in many forms. I have many other romantic soul mates as well, and so does he. I also have other soul brother relationships and best friends. No one soul belongs to another soul. That’s a human ego type thing when you think of one soul belonging to only you. There’s no jealousy or possessiveness in the afterlife because when you get Home, you realize and remember that we’re all one. You can be with whomever and however many you want. That’s just how it is over there.

So here is the painting 🙂

upside down

upside down

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 8.54.32 AM

In other news! I have a cool video to show you! My boyfriend performed at a music festival on Saturday. He got to play the drums for the band, Green Jelly, and for Michale Graves. Michale Graves use to be in the band Misfits 🙂